BarkBox: November 2013 Review

Sheba is one lucky pup this month, getting two subscription boxes all to herself! Although I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t some kind of Turkey toy included, this actually ended up being one of the best BarkBoxes Sheba’s received – maybe even the best.

Bocce’s Bakery: Truffle Mac & Cheese
Products from Bocce’s Bakery have become a BarkBox staple. I was pretty excited for Sheba when I saw that the flavor of this month’s treats were Truffle Mac & Cheese ($9.50) – yum! She really enjoyed these, as expected. We love Bocce’s Bakery!

Unfortunately, dogs don’t brush their teeth every day like us humans do. Or maybe it’s unfortunate that we don’t have a treat to take care of our dental needs like dogs do – a concept that I love. I was happy to see Twistix ($5) in November’s Barkbox because not only are they great for Sheba’s teeth, but also another great option of a treat when you’re heading out for a few hours.

PetSafe Pogo Plush Toy
After the initial sniff test through the box, Sheba didn’t even wait for me to take the items out like she normally does very patiently. As soon as she discovered the PetSafe Pogo Plush Toy ($13) she pulled it out of the box and ran away to her favorite spot at home. It must be something about the toy material, her favorite toy is made of the same and this new one seems to be taking over the #1 spot.

Yumzies Jerky Chews
The Yumzies Duck & Sweet Potato Jerky Chews ($8) were hands down Sheba’s favorite treats in November’s BarkBox. These grain-free treats are a little larger than your standard treat (great for when you’re leaving your pup for a little while) and is a brand that hasn’t gone wrong in our house!

I paid $19 for my BarkBox and the contents retailed out to about $35.50! But the best part was that Sheba liked every single item included in the box! I can’t wait to see what’s in December’s box and am keeping my fingers crossed that the BarkBox team will include some Christmas treats and toys!

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