Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 5 Picks for Kids

With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s time to start with some gift ideas for friends and family! If you’re still trying to find the perfect gift, check out for the kid(s) in your life, take a look at my top 5 picks for presents for kids below.

Planet Sock Monkey Collection:
Sock monkeys are making a big comeback this year – and with quite a personality! The Planet Sock Monkey collection ($22 per monkey) features a sock monkey for every type of person – from pirate to zombie to pop star. These make for an awesome playtime companion!

Photo credit: Patch Products

Harry Potter Special Edition Box Set:
Every kid needs Harry Potter in their life. This HP Special Edition Box Set ($60) features all 7 of the series’ book with the newly designed artwork by Kazu Kibuishi. Once read, this set will look awesome in a bookshelf, as all of the books together show Hogwarts.

Photo credit: Amazon

Dylan’s Candy Bar Fun-Due Kit:
You can never go wrong with chocolate, candy, or anything related. This Fun-Due Kit from Dylan’s Candy Bar ($40) comes with all of the fondue essentials – metal forks with handles, white and dark chocolates, pretzels, marshmallows, cookies, sprinkles and more chocolate! This is something any kid (young or old) would be happy to indulge in!

Photo credit: Dylan’s Candy Bar

Rory’s Story Cubes:
Imagination is everything. Rory’s Story Cubes ($8) help keep creative juices flowing, as cubes are rolled, and a story must be told using the images on each one. Also inspiring you to be quick on your feet, this compact game is also great for travel!

Photo credit: Amazon

littleBits Base Kit:
In our technological world, kids are growing up learning more about technology than we are! The littleBits Base Kit ($99) is the perfect gift for the kid who loves gadgets and to tinker with things. This kid-friendly kit allows for over 150,000  circuit combinations, challenging the kid in your life to create awesome inventions such as an alarm clock, windmill and more!

Photo credit: littleBits

  • cool suggestions – I'll have to look into the little bits for my kiddo