Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 5 Picks for Stocking Stuffers

The final post in our 2013 Gift Guide series features 5 picks for stocking stuffers (or smaller gifts, if you will). These products are small enough to fit inside a stocking and are amazing! What I really enjoy about them is that they’re also unique. Chances are, you probably haven’t heard of most – if not all of them, and each one is pretty stellar. Check them out below!

Traveling with perfume can be tricky for several reasons. Primarily, the worry that you’ll spill it all over your purse and secondarily, there isn’t always an on-the-go or travel-sized version of your favorite scent. Travalo solves both of those problems by offering a leak-proof and TSA-approved product, in a number of stylish colors. The company was kind enough to send me a sample to try out and it’s been a staple in my handbag ever since!

Awake Caffeinated Chocolate:
If you have a coffee drinker/caffeine lover on your list to buy for this year, consider switching it up and giving them Awake Chocolate, pieces or bars of caffeinated chocolate (1 bar = 1 cup of coffee). Awake is based in Canada but you can pick up these amazing chocolates at local stores such as Hess and Winn-Dixie. I can’t believe no one though of the brilliant caffeine/chocolate combo sooner! Furthermore, I’d put the taste of the chocolate up there with Reese’s and Kit Kats (my favorite). It’s THAT good. And as much as I don’t want to share the box Awake sent me to sample, I’m planning to include one of their bars in addition to several gifts I’m giving to others, that’s how much I love it!

Sole Goddess:
Every time I get a new pair of shoes (and even sometimes after I’ve worn them in a bit), I get horrible blisters on the back of my heel and before I know it, I’ve gone through boxes of bandaids trying to keep them from worsening. Sole Goddess ($10+ depending on size) offers a solution to solve this problem, adding an invisible shield between your skin and is something every girl must have in her stocking! I was able to try a sample of the product and plan on investing in a full-size version for both home and travel of the product.

Photo credit: Sole Goddess

Wild Ophelia Chocolates:
With the release of Catching Fire, the latest installment of The Hunger Games, Wild Ophelia has created a brilliant product that all fans (or non-fans) of THG series would love – The Hunger Games Chocolate Bars! You can buy the entire collection of chocolate featuring all 12 districts for $65 or buy each bar for $4.95. What’s really cool about these bars is that each one is created with that specific district in mind (e.g. District 12 is Mined Salt and Chocolate – for mining).

Wild Ophelia kindly sent 4 of the 12 bars for me to taste and I must say, they’re delicious! Some of the flavors are pretty interesting too (e.g. beef jerky and smoked mesquite chocolate). Such a unique twist on the classic candy favorite! If the person you’re shopping for is a fan of Hunger Games and chocolate, you’ll absolutely want to include it!

Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints:

Generally speaking, I like to have some kind of gum or mints on me. That combination + the anti-oxidants of green tea (which help keep you healthy) make these Green Tea Mints from Sencha Naturals an essential stocking stuffer! These mints also come in more than just the original green tea flavor. You can also snag them in other flavors such as mango, pink dragonfruit, and island guava. Such a fun assortment! Sencha Naturals sent me a few to try and I’ve been breezing through them pretty quickly. Not only are they really tasty (the original and mango are my faves), but they’re also an immune booster – 3 mints = 1 cup of green tea anxioxidants! Couldn’t be a more perfect stocking stuffer, as cold and flu season is upon us!

Disclaimer: Products/Samples were received from Travalo, Awake, Sole Goddess, Wild Ophelia, and Sencha Originals for review purposes. All opinions are my own.