Fun Findings Friday #69

“Get Lit” Sweater Flask:
Urban Outfitters has some pretty awesome festive drinkware this Christmas and I’m really loving their “Get Lit” Sweater Flask ($18). This looks like a awesome gag gift or accessory for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. What would be even better is if you had a matching sweater to rock while using this!

Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Donna Karan + Harney & Sons Tea:
This new caffeine-free New York Blend tea ($10) from fashion icon Donna Karan and Harney & Sons Tea is perfect for the winter season! With a stylish tin (would you expect anything less) and a ginger and peppermint flavor, it makes for a great drink before bed, cozying up by the fire. I was sent a tin of the tea to try and really love the unique blend (I typically drink the basic green, earl grey, and fruity teas)! The tin design is also a big seller for me. I love it so much that it’s been sitting out on my counter instead of going in the cabinet with the rest of the teas. Additionally, 5% of the proceeds from this tea go to the Urban Zen Foundation. Double thumbs up!

Christmas Jammies Video:
In the spirit of Christmas, you absolutely have to watch the “Christmas Jammies” video below. Rather than sending a traditional Christmas card, this family wrapped up their year in a video less than 4 minutes to the tune of Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami.” EPIC.

Disclosure: I received the Donna Karan/Harney & Sons Tea for review. All opinions are my own.

  • Fun finds! Love Harney & Sons – will have to look for that flavor

  • I love tea! I am a Chai girl. I will have to check out Harney & Sons.

    That flask is AWESOME!!