BarkBox: December 2013 Review

Packages have been arriving left and right this month and naturally, Sheba has to check them all out. Although she did receive a few more than usual this month due to Christmas, there was one in particular she’s been holding out for. Her routine BarkBox. Take a look at the goodies below!

Hare of the Dog – Red Apple and Dandelion Treats
I’ve never heard of the Hare of the Dog brand, but I love the name! These Red Apple and Dandelion Treats  ($6) were a pretty big hit with Sheba. When looking up the company, I learned that they have a number of other interesting flavors available as well. Hopefully some others will be included in future boxes for Sheba to try!

This treat from Barkworthies was Sheba’s favorite in the box and I didn’t even have to line the goodies from this month’s box up – she pulled it right out! The Junior Bully Chew ($9) promotes dental hygiene and good breath, which is a double thumbs up for us! The Barkworthies brand is also much healthier than many others, so I’m always glad to find them in the box!

Sprong Toy
I’ve never heard of Sprong Dog Toys, but Sheba always loves getting new dog toys to play with. The Spong Hex Ball ($14) is a soft, squishy toy that’s great for playing fetch with your pup. Unfortunately, Sheba’s not a big fan of toys like these, so she didn’t have interest in this one. I’m planning on taking a trip to the Humane Society soon with a big box of donations, so I think this one will be added to the pile.

Plato EOS Turkey with Cranberry Treats 
This couldn’t be a more perfect treat to include in a box delivered right around Christmas. Plato EOS Turkey with Cranberry Treats ($15) are super festive, giving our pups a taste of something similar to what we’ll be eating on Christmas Day. Sheba can’t get enough of these! We’ll definitely need to keep an eye on her when it’s time for Christmas cooking in the kitchen!

Wet Nose Peanut Butter & Molasses Bone
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen something from Wet Nose in Sheba’s Barkboxes, but we’re happy to see them back! The Peanut Butter & Molasses Bone ($1.60) is a larger treat dogs – something I love! Sheba always gets so sad when I leave and rests her head sadly on the windowsill whenever I leave home. A treat like this keeps her distracted a little longer so I can sneak out without as much guilt!

December’s BarkBox retailed out to approximately $46, a good value considering I paid $16 (I locked in the lowest rate ever during their 1-year subscription promo). I must say, I am a bit disappointed in this month’s box though considering there were no Christmas toys and only really one festive treat. I remember Sheba received the cutest reindeer toy last December in her box and was hoping for more goodies like that. I did see that a few other BarkBox subscribers received festive toys so I’m feeling a little gipped this month. But regardless, Sheba still received some pretty great stuff!

Did you receive this month’s BarkBox? What did you think?

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  • I actually just signed up for Bark Box, today for my pups!