Beating Cold & Flu Season

I think we can all agree that Cold & Flu Season is pretty much the worst time of the year. That is, if you’re overtaken by either. I teamed up with two big players in helping to keep you healthy during this season (Zicam and CVS), the two that I turn to whenever I feel a cold or flu coming on. Whether you’re just trying to avoid sickness or have already come down with it, we’ve got you covered!

It’s important to know the signs/symptoms early on, that way you can attack it and reduce your sick time as much as possible. The infographic below from Zicam shows the 3 stages of a cold: pre-cold, full-blown cold, and getting over a cold. I often get to stage 1 (pre-cold) more than I’d like, probably due to lack of sleep or picking up germs at work, in a mall, at a restaurant, etc.

Zicam offers 3 major pre-cold products: Rapidmelts (my personal favorite), Oral Mist, and Ultra Crystals. The Rapidmelts are sort of like candy, only you let it dissolve in your mouth rather than chewing. For some people (like my mother), it can be a little too tangy, so the Oral Mist is a good option, containing the same ingredients to battle the oncoming cold. And finally, the Ultra Crystals, which you mix into your water (similar to Crystal Light or other add-to-water products), my second favorite of the bunch.

Since being introduced to the Zicam brand over the summer at BlogHer, it’s become an essential for me when I feel a cold coming on. Not to mention, I love their commercials with the scary cold monster. To get $2 off your next Zicam purchase, click here.

Zicam products to help beat colds

Some of my other pre-cold staples (and flu – if it gets that far), are: Vitamin C, hand sanitizer, wipes (for on-the-go), and daily multi-vitamins. But despite being proactive in sickness prevention, sometimes you still get hit. And unfortunately, I was knocked down with the flu last month. In addition to my normal sickness prevention routine products, I stocked up on tissues, cough medicine, throat lozenges, and mucus extended relief (gross, I know). But between these products and lots and lots of sleep, I recovered successfully.

Not only does CVS offer these products to help you recover, but they also have MinuteClinics at a number of their stores, giving you access to a healthcare professional if you’re unable to get an appointment with your regular doctor or need to see someone stat, which is very much appreciated! Learn more about cough, cold & flu from CVS, here.

Cold/Flu products offered at CVS

Are you prepared for cold/flu season? What are some prevention/recovery steps you take to avoid sickness? Check out the infographic below for stats, symptoms and risks surrounding the flu season.

Infographic from CVS

Disclosure: Zicam and CVS products were received for review purposes. All opinions are my own.