PoopBuddy: December 2013 Review

I’m a little late in getting this review up but nonetheless, it’s here! Last month I tried out a new subscription service for dogs – PoopBuddy. It’s the first of it’s kind (that I’ve seen), sending out waste bags for walks with your pup along with a couple other goodies for both you and your dog(s). There are 3 tiers of subscriptions you can choose from- $10/mo for 1 month, $9/mo. for 3 months and $8/mo. for 6 months, much cheaper than most other subscription boxes.

The primary focus of the subscription, poop bags (~$8), come in a bundle of eco-friendly bags to keep you in good shape for 2-3 walks per day for one month. Each roll features a different design or color to go with the month’s theme. I was a little disappointed that they weren’t very Christmassy but the colors were perfect for winter.

December’s PoopBuddy subscription also included a special treat for Sheba – Pupchips ($6). We received the coconut-flavored chips, which wasn’t too crazy about since she’s not a coconut fan, but I did pass these on to a coconut-loving pup who I heard enjoyed them very much!

The second surprise item was Kanberra’s Original All Natural Air Purifier (~$3). I’ve never heard of the Kanberra brand before but was really interested in giving the air purifier a try. Up close, the smell was a bit strong but when placed in the corner of a room, it seemed to work great!

Each month the PoopBuddy team also includes a raffle ticket in your package and hosts two giveaways. I was so excited to have one of the winning tickets – especially since this was my first month trying the subscription out! I haven’t received Sheba’s mystery prize just yet but can’t wait to see what it is!

I wasn’t able to pinpoint the exact price of the items included in December’s PoopBuddy package, but all-in-all, I’m estimating it to be about $17, a great value for the $10 I paid for the subscription. I love the idea of PoopBuddy and

Have you tried the PoopBuddy subscription yet? If not, be sure to use coupon code “RACHEL” at checkout for 20% off!