Barkbox: January 2014 Review

My mailbox was quite full when I returned from my trip to Park City yesterday and Sheba was very excited to not only see me and be going home, but also that her Barkbox had arrived! Each month, BarkBox sends 4+ items for your pup for $19-$29 depending on the length of your subscription. Check out the items in January’s box below!

Louisiana Alligator Jerky
The Louisiana Alligator Jerky treats ($5) were a big hit for Sheba! I thought the packaging and treat designs were pretty adorable as well (definitely something that would make me pick the product up in store). In addition to being super healthy (wheat, corn, soy-free), they were also made in the U.S.!

Grandma Bowser’s Country Oven Bisquits
If I were a dog, I think that Grandma Bowser’s Country Oven Bisquits ($7.35) would be my favorite. Or maybe it’s because as a human, they look pretty close to a cookie I’d eat. Similar to a granola bar, these vitamin-enriched peanut butter flavored treats were a “paws up” for Sheba.

Wigzi Stuff n’ Crunch & Stuff n’ Throw 
The Wigzi brand is no stranger to Barkbox and we love it! I was really happy to see treats paired with a treat ball (one of the recommendations I’ve sent in – glad to know Barkbox is listening)! The Stuff n’ Throw ($14) has two treat pockets, allowing your dog to go after one or the other while chasing the ball around. And to help with that, the Stuff n’ Crunch ($6) was included, which just happened to be Sheba’s favorite treats in the box!

January’s Barkbox had a 100% success rate product-wise for Sheba. I snagged an amazing deal a couple months ago, paying $16/mo. for my Barkboxes for a year. January’s box retailed out to just under $33 and with every item in the box being a hit for my dog, that’s a pretty awesome deal!

Do you subscribe to Barkbox? What did you think of January’s box?

* Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links