PopSugar Must Have: January 2014 Review

I received notification that my PopSugar Must Have box shipped the day before I left for Utah and was bummed that it’d be sitting in my mailbox for a few days before I was able to get home and unbox it. I did peek at spoilers (I had some time to kill in the airport) and was pretty excited to get home and check the items out for myself – it looked awesome! And I can tell you after officially unboxing, it was!

Rifle Paper Co. 2014 Flip Around the World Desk Calendar
This 2014 Cities Calendar ($12) was my favorite item in the box! The look and feel is amazing and I’m a big sucker for calendars and all things travel. Featuring the biggest cities around the world such as London, Paris, and Bangkok, this calendar somehow makes you feel like you’re traveling around the world, even though you’re just sitting at your desk. Love!

Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask
I was really excited to find the Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask ($40) in my box. I’ve found this brand in quite a few boxes recently and have been hearing a lot of buzz so I’m anxious to give this 5-minute cleansing mask a try! In addition to keeping your face clean it’s also supposed to help with anti-aging, which isn’t too much of a concern for me at the moment but it’s good to know this product is around when that time comes!

The Juice Generation Book
The Juice Generation Book ($16) wasn’t something I was too excited about, since I’m not a fan of juicing. Despite the fact that it’s become a pretty popular fad, I don’t really have anyone in my life who’s into this. So here’s to hoping one of the box swap sites gets up and running soon and there’s a person who’s interested in this book!

Jack + Lucy Knit Gloves
As a Floridian, gloves aren’t something I need too often. But nonetheless, I can never collect enough of them! These Jack + Lucky Knit Gloves (~$20) are adorable and also supposed to be tech-friendly which is a big thumbs up. Although our cold weather’s fading quickly, I’m hopeful to test these out soon!

Revlon Box of Files
I had featured Revlon’s Box of Files ($4) in a previous Fun Findings post and hadn’t had a chance to purchase them yet and it looks like now I don’t have to! This is definitely an accessory I’ll be getting some good use out of.

White Truffle Pipcorn
Popcorn is basically a food group for me, so I was glad to find a bag of it/Pipcorn ($18) in January’s box. After all, you can never go wrong with any form of popcorn. This flavor was just as delicious as it sounds! Although I have a feeling that it won’t be lasting too long, being in my desk drawer and all.

January’s PopSugar Must Have box retailed out to about $110 – the face mask alone was already equal to the value of the box. Although I can be kind of picky about products, I’m happy to say I really loved just about everything in this month’s box. Well done, PopSugar!

If you’re thinking about subscribing, now’s the perfect time to snag a subscription to PopSugar Must Have. Typically $42.95, you can get $10 off your box with promo code “VDAY10.”

Did you receive January’s box? Which was your favorite item in the box?

* Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.