Cause of the Month: Falling Whistles

It’s the beginning of the month again (crazy, I know) which means it’s time to spotlight a new charity! For February, I’m supporting Falling Whistles, a cause that aims to help end one of the deadliest wars of our time, taking place in Africa through whistleblowing and demanding peace in the Congo region.

The cause started as a result of a journal entry from a single day, sent out to friends and family by founder Sean D Carasso, who traveled to the Congo to support a friend of his and to learn more about the growing war and child soldiers, that we in the U.S. could never begin to fathom.

I highly recommend you read the full journal entry (linked in the previous paragraph), but if you’re just looking for a quick overview of the things seen during the day in the region – here it is: Children under the age of 15 are being forced into rebel groups as child soldiers – being beaten, not fed, and forced to sleep standing up. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the issue of sexual violence is worse than anywhere else in the world, as all of the soldiers rape and pillage throughout the region.

Photo credit: Falling Whistles

The original group of boys that inspired this cause have fortunately been set free and are out sharing their stories, hoping to inspire others to take action for the many other children left behind and dealing with this horrific situation.

So how can you support this cause? By being a whistleblower for peace – and helping to spread the word about the terrible things happening across the ocean in Africa. For $38-$58, you can purchase a Falling Whistles necklace (pictured below). Not only will this help support the cause, but it also gives you a unique and pretty awesome fashion accessory to rock around town – also giving you the ability to spread the word about Falling Whistles.

Photo credit: Blindfold Magazine

Many celebrities have already jumped on board to support this cause including Rihanna, Jon Stewart, Ciara, and Gwenyth Paltrow, among any others, wearing their necklaces for both fashion and awareness.

Photo credit: Made to Travel

Stay in the loop with the latest from Falling Whistles by connecting with them via their social channels – FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

  • I've had my Falling Whistle for a few years now. I found it in a fashion magazine a long time ago. It's such a wonderful cause. Glad you shared this.

  • Thanks for the post, Rachel! Great to have you with us, we appreciate the love.