Fun Findings Friday #76

The Giving Keys:
I stumbled across The Giving Keys after seeing a review of the Winter FabFitFun subscription box. Each key is unique and has a word etched in (e.g. Strength, Courage, Faith, Hope). In order to help others/pay it forward, you are to pass along the key at some point to someone you meet (or know) that you feel needs the message on the key. And then, The Giving Keys team hopes that you will share the story of why you gave it away. I bought my first Classic Pendant/Key Necklace ($35) last week (Strength) and am loving it!

Photo credit: The Giving Keys

Subscription Box Swap:
Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, and it’s no secret that I’m all about them! One common issue that many box subscribers (myself included) have found though, is that we don’t always like every item we receive. That said, there’s almost always someone else who would gladly take the item off your hands. Cue the Subscription Box Swap, a new service created by one of my favorite subscription box bloggers, Liz, has created. You can list items you’re willing to trade and barter with other box subscribers to get the items you really like and may have missed out on. So amazing! I’ve already finalized 4 swaps in my first week of using the service.

Photo credit: My Subscription Addiction

Stephen Colbert’s Response to Harry Potter News:
We were feeling all kinds of mixed emotions when J.K. Rowling reported earlier this week that she made a mistake and should have had Hermione Granger and Harry Potter end up together in the end rather than Hermione and Ron. Thanks to my cousin for sharing this amazing response from Stephen Colbert on the topic (see video below) – I fully support the next book series proposed! Enjoy!

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