Sundance 2014: The Lounges

Although films are the central part of the Sundance Film Festival, there are also quite a few other events that take place at various lounges. Although some are open to the general public, many require that your name is on the list and that your RSVP is confirmed. Luckily, Lisa and I were able to attend the majority of the parties/lounges in town. Check out the recap below and stay tuned for more on the brands that I connected with at the Festival!

Quaker Energy Lounge
The Quaker Energy Lounge was our first big stop at Sundance – and boy was it a good one! With so many events going on throughout the day, it can be hard to find time to eat so getting fueled up was at the top of our list. Upon walking in, we saw a huge board that read “If I had the energy, I would..” and many of the responses people were writing were spot on (e.g. spend more time with friends and family, run a marathon). It made everyone step back and think, well hey, maybe I should try to make some time for those things.

Next up was the Quaker Oats snack bar. OH MY LANTA, we were in heaven! Basically every Quaker product you can think of was there – and then some. Although chewy bars are typically in my daily routine, I decided to switch it up and sample some other products like oatmeal cookies with yogurt filling (they’re delicious, btw). And as if that weren’t enough, Quaker also offered an oatmeal bar, allowing you to eat a cup of oatmeal with a twist. Out of the 3 flavors offered, The Elvis Bowl sounded the best and so I went with it. Who knew Elvis liked to snack on that combo of foods together – it was weird, but it was good!

Miami Lounge/Eddie Bauer Adventure House
The Miami Lounge and Eddie Bauer Adventure House was one of the most buzzed about spots on Main St. and after we attended, we knew why! The atmosphere was really cool with one side (Miami) having all things – you guessed it – related to Miami including tattoos, make your own mojitos with Patron, Lifeway Kefir, and more!

On the other side of the Lounge, Eddie Bauer set up camp with a rock wall, EB-branded flasks (obviously the perfect accessory for camping) with pre-made drinks and plenty of areas to showcase the variety of outdoor products they sell. Their camping/fireside set up was really awesome too! Definitely one of the higher-energy lounges at the Festival!

Airbnb Haus
This was one of my favorite lounges to attend – and was completely open to the public (with the exception of RSVP events, also open for all to sign up for). The brand bought out a space off of Main St. and filled it with all kinds of amazing decor to give that homey feel, representing exactly what their brand promotes – a space (home, apartment) that you can rent when traveling, giving you an alternate (and for the most part cheaper) route than a hotel. Even more exciting, Airbnb gave out $100 coupons for their site, which in some destinations could cover 1+ night(s) of your stay!

Here, Four Barrel coffee (based in San Fran) set up shop in the kitchen area, serving FREE coffees of all kinds (lattes and cappuccinos included) to people who wandered in – and they were perfect (see below). It was here that we were also able to sit in on a chat with actor Mark Ruffalo who spoke not only about his new movie Infinitely Polar Bear (which premiered at the Festival), but also global warming/energy conservation issues that are near and dear to his heart, which was pretty awesome to hear.

Udi’s Table
Udi’s Table is one of the hottest spots at Sundance – and I was so happy to have snagged 2 spots on the highly coveted RSVP list. Upon entry at Udi’s, we bumped into Jason Ritter and Melanie Lynskey, which was pretty exciting! And although we didn’t see any other celebs while we were at the Lounge, we saw a number of pictures popping up on our feeds, with actors/actresses stopping by.

Promoting #giveback – an initiative to get others to carry out acts of kindness and give back to others around them. Udi’s is one of – if not the biggest brands in gluten-free foods. I first stumbled across the brand last year at BlogHer and was excited to see them getting some attention at Sundance as well. We were able to order lunch off a gluten-free menu and ended up trying the GF grilled cheese and nutella and banana quesadillas – YUM. I wish Udi’s could cook for me every day!

Not a “lounge” in the same capacity as the others mentioned in this post, but still definitely worth mentioning, was the SoulCycle Pop Up Studio. I’ve heard quite a bit about the SoulCycle craze in LA and NYC, but unfortunately, there’s no location near me in Tampa just yet. For 3 days (Thurs-Sat) at Sundance, SoulCycle offered numerous free classes to anyone who RSVP’d (provided there was space in the class). If you haven’t attempted it yet, it’s really fun, but also a pretty rough workout.. at least if it’s not something you’re used to (keep in mind we went skiing the day before this class, so we were already feeling the burn in our calves). Upon completion of the class, SoulCycle handed out totes with SoulCycle beanies and tumbler cups with the SC branding, which was a very nice reward post-workout!

Lisa and I with our SoulCycle instructor 

TR Suites
The TR Suites were located at the very top of Main St., separated from most of the other events going on. This was another popular celeb stop, with luxury brands such as Sean Paul, CAT Footwear, Dove and some of my (new) favorites, Eppa Sangria, Gardein & Luvo (delicious food)! Avocados from Mexico were also in attendance, handing out amazing avocado/chocolate chip cookies – who knew?! During our stop at the Suites, we also saw actress Lea Thompson, which was pretty exciting!

Eco Hideaway
The Eco Hideaway lounge really was a hideaway! Tucked away/up a few flights of stairs, this Lounge featured live music and companies promoting their products/services. This Lounge was also a “hideaway” for several celebs to hang at between interviews and other Sundance commitments. I discovered three really awesome companies that I might not have come across otherwise- Deborah Gaspar (jewelry), Under Canvas (luxury camping) and Hydropeptide (beauty products).

LG Music Lounge
Our final lounge stop of the Festival was the LG Music Lounge, which was celebrating its 10th anniversary at Sundance! This was a really cool stop, watching live performances and also meeting some really cool brands (stay tuned for more on future posts about them). Most exciting, was seeing Tervis, one of my favorite companies (who happen to be based in FL as well)! I loved the limited edition 10th anniversary tumbler they made just for the event and that I was able to bring another piece of Sundance home with me.


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