Tique Box: Valentine’s Day 2014 Review

Local subscription boxes have been popping up everywhere, including Tique Box, a subscription box filled with goodies from Portland, Oregon! For $29.95, Tique Box promises to deliver a box of something silly, something noteworthy, and something yummy – all of which sound fabulous to me!

Valentine’s Day Love Notes
I love handmade cards and was really excited to see this in the box – it was definitely one of my favorite items. This Valentine’s Day Love Note from Lilian White ($1.50) came complete with the card, envelope and a sticker to seal it all up!

Susan’s “Simply The Best” Caramel Corn
This blend of Susan’s Simply The Best” Caramel Corn (~$3) was delish! With the cranberries and other ingredients included, it had a bit of a fall season taste to me. I wasn’t able to track Susan’s shop down, but I’m curious what other flavors she has!

Portland Button Works
I’m not usually a button person (not really sure what to do with them), but I’m loving this button pack ($3) with the “You Are My Sunshine” button and most of all “Only Tourists Use Umbrellas.” Thinking I’m going to pin these on a cork board – any other suggestions for what to do with buttons?

Happy Rock Coffee
I haven’t tried it yet but I’m very interested in sampling the Happy Rock Coffee No. 5 ($12) that was included in my box. A medium to dark blend (thumbs up), this coffee is award-winning both locally in Oregon (top 10 in 2013) and nationally (finalist in America’s Best Espresso Competition in 2012 and 2013). I’m starting to consider investing in the reusable Keurig coffee filter with all the coffee products I’ve been getting in boxes lately!

Peppermint Bark Natural Soy Melts
The Peppermint Bark Natural Soy Melts ($6) are probably my favorite item from the box! Thankfully I turned the package over to look at the product details. It smelled so good I thought it was a food item and probably would’ve eaten it – yikes! I’ve never used soy melts before but I’m excited to give these a try!

Rx Missionary Chocolates 
When I get to Portland, a trip to Missionary Chocolates is definitely in store! Their handcrafted vegan truffles ($6) were SO GOOD. I’m both bummed (because I wanted more) and content (because I don’t NEED more) that I was able to try the two Vanilla Salted Caramel chocolates.

Saucy Beast Habango Sauce
I’m a wimp when it comes to spicy things. Even the mildest of sauces make my nose run and have me gulping down water. I’ll definitely be passing the Saucy Beast Habango Sauce ($4.50) off to my dad to try since he loves this kind of stuff. I do love the logo and company name on this though – definitely a name you won’t forget easily!

Hair Clips
These hair clips from Anastasia Buescher (~$4) are so cute! I won’t wear them myself, but I know my sisters will absolutely love these, so I’m planning to gift them after their recitals this weekend. These are also perfect for the recently passed/upcoming holidays – Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Love the packaging on these too!

The Valentine’s Day Tique Box retailed out to ~$40, almost $10 more than the cost of the box. I love that you have a little piece of Portland sent to your door in this box – it’s one of the cities at the top of my list for vacations in the U.S.! I also like the mix of Etsy shops based in Portland with actual stores in the city for a “best of” our city type box. I think I’m going to have to take Tique Box founders Paige and Inger up on their offer of a tour of Portland soon!

Did you receive the Valentine’s Day Tique Box? What did you think?

* Disclosure: I received this box at a discounted price as a blogger, for review purposes