Travel in Comfort: Lug Life Snuz Sac + Giveaway

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, it’s important to be comfortable – especially when the trips are long! After searching high and low for the perfect travel accessory, I came across Lug Life and have been eyeing some of their pillow/blanket combos for quite some time. Lug Life kindly sent me the Snuz Sac Travel Blanket + Pillow Set to check out – and is giving one away to a lucky Small Towns & City Lights reader (enter below)!

There are 3 types of travel pillow/blanket combos available from Lug Life – Snuz Sac (u-shaped neck pillow), Nap Sac (which is a square pillow), and Undercover Bears (awesome kiddie travel set). The main difference between the 3 is the type of pillow included. I decided to go with the u-shaped one because when I fall asleep when sitting up in the car or a plane, my neck sometimes does that crazy roll thing and I end up jolting myself awake. I love that this one helps keep me grounded whether my head is leaning toward the left or right.

The blanket is tucked away neatly in the pillow, and once removed, has an inflatable pillow piece to place in the the u-shaped pillow shell. I’m always freezing on airplanes so it’s nice to have my own personal blanket (which, btw, is 10,000x better than the ones the airlines give you). I love the pocket included in the pillow as well – giving you a place to drop your iPod/iPhone or place in another small accessory (e.g. reading glasses, pack of gum), for easy access once you’re all snuggled up in your blanket.

You can probably already tell just by looking at it, but the material the pillow and blanket are made up of is the most comfortable material in the world – very soft and a fabric that you can just kind of melt into. Both the pillow and blanket are also machine washable which is great considering the frequency of using them and also the fact that you’re toting them around airports/airplanes and other various destinations, so they’re bound to get a little dirty. One thing I wish was included with these pillow/blanket sets is a cover to place on the pillow when you’re not using it – I have my germaphobe moments!

The Snuz Sac retails for $33 and is a travel accessory that I definitely consider an essential. Easy to pack (and transport) and super comfy, I highly recommend getting one for any upcoming trips you have planned – you won’t regret it! Snuz Sac comes in a variety of colors (see below)- which one is your favorite?

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* Disclosure: This product was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own.