Barkbox: February 2014 Review

Sheba now thinks every box that comes in is for her and is often faced with disappointment when she realizes there are no treats or toys after sticking her nose in every corner of the box. So obviously, Barbox delivery days are always extra happy days in my household!

Barkworthies Natural Smoky Bacon Treats
Sheba is all about anything bacon – LOVES it! So naturally, the Barkworthies Natural Smoky Bacon Treats ($6.30) were a hit for her. We see Barkworthies often in Barkbox and I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a Barkworthies product that Sheba disliked – always happy to see more of their product included!

P.L.A.Y. Zucchini Toy
Although dogs don’t eat veggies like we do, but they still enjoy vegetable-themed toys! Pet Play’s Zucchini Toy ($9.50) has been getting a lot of lovin’ since Sheba’s BarkBox arrived earlier this week. This eco-friendly toy (which is also machine washable + dryer friendly), has a squeaker in it which is an automatic win in Sheba’s book!

Barkworthies Beef Chew
Sheba’s received Barkworthies chews ($6.30) before and like previous times, this is the first thing she went for in the box. It might be partially because it was the only unwrapped item in the box, so she was able to get a good whiff of it, but she always chows these down pretty quickly. This is definitely one of her favorite repeat items!

Max & Ruffy’s Strawberry & Carob Flavor
Don’t mind Sheba’s nose in the picture, she has to check everything out! We’ve seen Max & Ruffy’s in Barkbox before, but they’re not Sheba’s favorite because of the flavor (she prefers the meat-flavored treats). The Strawberry & Carob Flavor treats ($7.25) went over better than the liver treats we received last time, but I think Sheba would prefer something more along the lines of chicken, beef or bacon!

Etta Says! Deer Chew
The Etta Says! brand is a staple in Barkboxes nowadays and Sheba can’t get enough of them! The Etta Says! Deer Chew ($2) is also a type of treat I love seeing in the box because I like having chews to give Sheba when I know I’ll be away for a few hours. Glad to know BarkBox is actually listening when I submit feedback for each box!

February’s Barbox was another success with Sheba! There was only 1 item out of 5 that she wasn’t crazy about, which isn’t bad at all! My spoiled pup has been getting a BarkBox subscription for over a year now, and we’re still going full steam ahead with the monthly box – she loves it!

I paid $16 for this month’s Barbox (I locked in the best deal ever for a year subscription), but typically they’ll start at $19/month. The contents of each box also varies based on the size of your dog so not every box will be the same. February’s box retailed out to about $31 – almost double the value of what I paid for the box!

Did you receive this month’s BarkBox? Which treats/toys were your pup’s favorite?

* Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links