Golden Tote: February 2014 Review

After seeing a few reviews of the Golden Tote subscription at the end of last year, I was more than ready to jump on board and try the subscription out. To my misfortune, the January totes sold out before I had a chance to snag one, so I was ready to click the minute they went on sale for February.

A little on Golden Tote before I get into the contents of my Tote for February. The first Monday of each month, a new clothing selection becomes available and you’re able to choose from 2 options for the month – a $49 tote, where you’ll receive 2-3 items (you get to pick 1 and they send the other pieces) or the $149 tote, where you’ll receive 5-7 items (you pick 2).

Originally I signed up (and splurged big time) on the $149 tote because I saw quite a few items I wanted to have in my closet. As I started seeing that other people were receiving their totes, I received a disappointing email that one of the items I had selected wouldn’t be delivered because Golden Tote was short-shipped by their vendor. I didn’t see any other items left over that I was interested in, so I downgraded to the $49 tote (which ended up being good because I did a lot of splurging on other things last month). 
I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t given a discount / extra piece of clothing / first pick from the March options since my order was messed up. Especially because I was really excited to receive the top I had selected.. Oh well. Curious if anyone else had the same issue, or what the process is when short-shipped. How do you determine who receives it and who doesn’t?
Bright & Breezy Wrap Cardigan
The Bright & Breezy Wrap Cardigan ($62) was the item I selected from the February options. I wear a lot of cardigans at work (I’m always cold in the building) and I love the colors on this. I’m always nervous to buy clothes online, especially if I haven’t worn the brand before, but this fit true to size. I wish the back of the cardigan evened out a little more with the front length-wise, but nonetheless, I’m very happy with it!
Under Skies Top
I was intrigued when I saw this Under Skies top folded up in the plastic wrap upon opening up my Tote. If this top was in a retail store, I probably wouldn’t have gravitated toward it, but after trying it on and seeing it hanging in my closet for a few days, I’m really liking it! 
Bird Print Scarf
The third item I received in my Golden Tote was a Bird Print Scarf which I thought was pretty cool. The only problem is, I’m not one to really wear scarves, so I’ll be gifting or swapping this item. 
Aside from the initial problems I ran into with Golden Tote, I did really enjoy two of the three items I received from my subscription. I’m not planning on subscribing for March since I’m going to try some other boxes out and am a little weary after February’s experience – but I’d definitely like to try the subscription out again in the future!
Did you subscribe to March’s Golden Tote? What did you think?