Essential Apps: March 2014

My fitness goals are still going strong a few months into the year and one of the biggest motivators behind that is the Pact App. Free to download, this app challenges you to make a wager with yourself to achieve a set goal (e.g. hitting the gym, eating veggies, eating the recommended 1200 calories a day) for a set number of goals each week. If you meet your goal (you can do up to 3 pacts per week), you’re awarded with a few bucks and if you fail, a few bucks are deducted from your PayPal account (exact amount earned/deducted varies by pact x number of days).

Photo credit: Pact

As great as all of our apps are, staring at the same screen all the time can be a bit boring after awhile. The CocoPPA app allows you to spice up your favorite apps with fun colors and designs, giving your home screen a little more pizzaz. Keep in mind that you won’t actually be deleting the existing look of the app, the new design will act as a shortcut so you’ll need to compile the original apps into a folder somewhere else on your phone. You can create your own or use existing ones created by other users. So fun!

Photo credit: Pinterest

New photo apps have been popping up left and right and it’s been difficult to pinpoint which are keepers and which aren’t worth the space on your device. One that IS worth downloading is Rookie. Another free app, this one allows you to take pictures in pre-selected filters or filter your picture afterward. Similar to Instagram (without the social aspect), this app offers several awesome photo filters! And if you’re looking for more than what they provide in the free app, you can always upgrade for $2 and unlock more.

Photo credit: iTunes