BarkBox: March 2014 Review

I can’t believe today’s the last day of March – where has this month gone?! The good news for Sheba is that her BarkBox arrives toward the end of the month, and this month, she received two! Check out the goodies she received this month – a nice balance of both treats and toys. 

Charming Pet – Shelly the Sheep
The first thing I noticed upon opening the box was Shelly the Sheep ($9), a squeaky latex rubber balloon toy. I thought the balloon animal concept was pretty neat, but Sheba quickly passed over this one, since it doesn’t have the furry/fuzzy material on the outside (her favorite kind). My parents are planning to get a dog later this year, so I’m starting a little collection of “starter toys” for them!

Wagatha’s Organic Dog Biscuits
The Wagatha’s brand is no stranger to us. In fact, Sheba loved the last batch of treats she received from Wagatha’s a few months back – pizza-flavored! This month, the chosen flavor of organic dog biscuits ($11) was “breakfast” – apples, bananas and maple oats. Another hit for the expert treat tester!

Baker’s Best by Wild Pacific
I had a hard time tracking the Salmon and Blueberry treats from Baker’s Best ($5.50) down – turns out they’re made in Canada! These super healthy treats have been gobbled up quickly since their arrival last week!

Play-It Amazing Knobble Ball
Sheba’s pretty particular about her toy balls so I was curious to see how this one would go over. The Play-It Amazing Knobble Ball ($9.50) hasn’t been her top pick from the toy bin, but if I take it out and throw it for her, she’ll play with it. Haven’t decided if this one will be a keeper or if it’ll be added to the pile for my parents’ future dog.

I was SO excited to find a package of Twistix ($5) in March’s Barkbox. Mostly because they’re a bigger treat, perfect to give Sheba when I’m away for longer periods of time, but also because at her last visit to the vet, she had a little build up on her teeth and needed some good dental treats to help out!

I paid $16 for March’s BarkBox and Sheba’s treats/toys retailed out to about $40. Taking into account the two toys she wasn’t crazy about, we still got our money’s worth and then some! For a look at past Barkbox reviews, click here.

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What kind of treats/toys would your dog(s) like to see in future boxes?

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