PopSugar Must Have: Special Edition Resort Box 2014 Review

A couple months ago PopSugar announced a Special Edition Resort Box and I rushed over to order it, since I know how quickly these special edition boxes go! This box cost $100 and was a separate one-time offer, featuring products to help subscribers “escape the ordinary with luxurious finds.” Check out the goodies in the box, below!

Epicuren Tropical Lave 
Doubling as body wash and shampoo, the Epicuren Tropical Lave ($25) has a beachy coconut smell to it, making me instantly think of spa days. For every day use, I’m not crazy about this scent, but when I turn lobster-color from being in the sun this summer, I’m thinking this coconut oil-based mix will be my best friend!

R.B. of McD #2 Clutch
My favorite item in the box was the part leather, part canvas, R.B. of McD #2 Clutch (~$180), which was made specifically for this box. I’m not quite sure what it is about it, but I love it! Although the clutch appears small, this is what it looks like folded over, as you would carry it. The blue area does expand though and you can fit a decent amount of things inside. I’m thinking this would also be great for transporting jewelry or other small things in your bag on a daily basis. This is definitely going to be used a lot!

Salt Water Taffy
I’m all for sweets, but I’ve never really been a fan of salt water taffy. Although if there were a flavor I’d enjoy, it would probably be this one – Salty Caramel Apple ($6.50). I actually swapped this item with another subscription box subscriber last night, so I’m happy someone will be getting some good use out of this!

Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack
Another custom-made product for the box, the Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack ($~176) is absolutely beautiful! I’m not usually a fan of gold jewelry but I think in this case I might make an exception. Such a great summer accessory!

Cuyana Turkish Towel
The first spoiler we received from PopSugar, pre-box delivery, was the Cuyana Turkish Towel ($55). This lightweight towel is super soft and easily transportable to the beach or pool. It seems silly to get so excited over a towel, but I’m really loving this! This will definitely be a staple for weekend trips to the beach or at the pool!

Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist
To me, Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist ($28) seems like the highest-end product in the box. This does just what you’d think – gives you a mist of power anti-aging ingredients to give you that young/fresh look. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to keep this or gift it. A lot of people already think I look younger than I am, not sure if I’m ready to look even younger!

Smashbox Santigolden Age: Double-Ended Limitless Eyeliner
I’ve never seen an eyeliner combination quite like Smashbox’s Santigolden Age: Double-Ended Eyeliner ($24), which features blue eyeliner on one end and yellow on the other. These colors are pretty far out from my normal black and occasional brown/dark blue or purple. I’ll probably give them a try at some point though!

This box retailed out to almost $500, and I only paid $100 for it. Although I wasn’t crazy about every item included, I absolutely got my money’s worth, especially considering my two favorites were over $200 retail value! These boxes are always a hit or miss, but I’m really happy with PopSugar’s Resort Box. I’m all set for summer vacation now!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

  • I love the bracelet set! And I think it would be fun to try out the eyeliner on a fun night out.

  • The Epicuren sounds awesome!! I also love the bracelet stack and the Santigold eyeliner. Is it more gold than yellow? I LOVE gold on my eyes and definitely want to try some of the stuff from this line. :)