Travelbox: April 2014 Review

This year is a big travel year for me. I’ve already been fortunate enough to take one amazing trip back in January and have some others coming up later this year, including my first trip to Europe! I’ve been hoping a subscription box specific to travel would come out on the market and sure enough, one has!

Travelbox is a monthly subscription box for the “travel obsessed” and sends goodies for people on the go (e.g. travel inspiration, gear, comforts, entertainment, snacks), for about $26 each month (this price was recently lowered) and ships on the 2nd of every month. Check out the goodies that came in April’s box, below!

The Green Garmento
The first thing I noticed in the box was The Green Garmento ($13), a multi-purpose bag that can be used as a laundry basket, duffel, and garment bag (and was also featured on the show Shark Tank). Although this is a super handy item to have for travels, it’s not something I’d use much, so this is something I’ll be passing on to someone else who will put it to good use!

Kind Bars 
I’ve heard of the Kind brand, but haven’t actually tried any of their bars until receiving 2 of their Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bars ($3). All I have to say is YUM. Chocolate and sea salt is one of my favorite food combos and mixed with nuts, it’s even better! This is definitely something I’ll be investing in – and not just for travel!

Aroamas Solid Perfume Stick
Having perfume handy when on-the-go can often be a challenge, especially when your favorite scents aren’t available in travel size or you don’t want to carry liquid around in your bag. Aroamas Solid Perfume Stick ($8) is the perfect solution for both challenges and is small enough to tote easily no matter where you go. Love this!

SkyReady Kit
The SkyReady Kit ($15) was my favorite item in the box. Sure, you can buy in-flight essentials separately. But the likelihood of you forgetting something important is much higher than picking this kit up that’s ready to go! What do you get? Wipes, an eye mask, ear plugs, a face mask (don’t think I’ll really use that), vitamin c, and hand sanitizer. With so many germs on the plane, in the airport, etc. your chance of getting sick increases drastically. I think this kit will really be a lifesaver!

I paid $23.95 for this month’s box and the retail value was $39. Although there’s one item that I won’t use, I still found the contents to be very valuable – I’ll definitely get some good use out of them! Since I have a few travel plans (and am often on the go) this year, I’m definitely going to continue subscribing to Travelbox. I can’t wait to see the contents of future boxes! Would love to see some products from one of my favorite travel sites, Flight001.

What are some of your travel essentials?

  • Really cool! I love to travel. One day I hope my husband and kids will too!! Well, the kids already do. Just need to get the husband on board!