Fun Findings Friday #86

Happy Friday! In honor of Earth Week, today’s fun findings are eco-friendly and also all around awesome products, check them out below!

La Fresh:
I’ve been on the hunt for good makeup removing wipes and beauty products, and was excited when La Fresh offered to send some samples of their (5) eco-friendly (and award-winning) wipes over for me to check out. Ranging from makeup removing to face cleanser, nail polish remover, and boy soother, La Fresh pretty much has us covered with the essentials! And as for my search, well, I think I found a new set of favorites. The wipes are super soft and easily do what they need to (clean and refresh you) without much effort. These are easy to tote around in your bag as well, which is important for this on-the-go girl!

Hand Woven Doormats:
It might be a weird decor quirk, but I love swapping out my front doormat by season (especially at Christmas). Usually I pick them up form Target since it’s convenient, but after being introduced to these eco-friendly mats hand woven with coconut fibers at Big Kitchen, I’m hooked! They’re a little bit pricier ($20+) than most in-store mats you’d pick up, but the quality is amazing, they’re safe for the environment and the designs are awesome!

Reborn Glass Night Lights:
I prefer to sleep in a pitch black environment (no TV, no nightlight, etc.), but I do like having night lights in various places around my home should I need to get up in the middle of the night (e.g. bathroom, kitchen, living room). Nobody wants to deal with the glaring big room lights in the middle of the night. Reborn Glass is a husband and wife duo that creates beautiful night lights out of recycled glass, ranging from animals to nature to holidays and more! This duo is also based in Florida, so I’m even happier to support a local business!

Photo credit: Reborn Glass