Cause of the Month: Project7

It’s the start of another month, which means time for a new cause to spotlight! This month’s cause is Project7, a company that sells specialty gum and mints, giving back to non-profits both in the U.S. and abroad. There are 7 areas of need that Project7 focuses on:

  • Feed the Hungry
  • Heal the Sick
  • Hope for Peace
  • House the Homeless
  • Quench the Thirsty
  • Teach them Well
  • Save the Earth
Photo credit: Project7
Take a look at Project7’s online shop to find products available to support the areas listed above. Currently, there are a variety of sugar free gum flavors that are more than just your standard mint and include flavors like coconut lime, lemonade, and birthday cake. I haven’t tried the gum yet (just placed an order), but their mints from a previous project were delish!

I love that this organization focuses on several different charitable outlets, as opposed to just one and that the products offered to support their areas of focus change often (although I do wish I could purchase older products from previous campaigns).

Photo credit: Project7
To-date, the money raised by Project7 has gone on to provide over 1.1 million months of clean water, 2.2 million meals in the U.S., 90,000 malaria treatments, 150,000 days of schooling, 1,000,000 hours of shelter, 21k+ students with anti-bullying training, and planted 3.6 million trees.

For more information on Project7 and the charities they support, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.