Essential Apps: May 2014

I don’t have many game apps on my devices, but in this past month, I’ve been downloading them left and right. Below are 3 of my favorites that will definitely be at the top of my list for awhile!

My new favorite game/app is 2048 (free). Somewhat of a brain teaser, the goal of this app is for you to get to the “2048” tile, combining two of the same number under the board fills up. I haven’t gotten anywhere near the final tile yet, but have been playing this game in just about all of my spare time!

Heads Up:
My favorite game to play with friends/fam is Heads Up (99c). You might recognize it if you’re a fan of the Ellen (DeGeneres) show, because she plays it with her celeb guests all the time. You select a category (e.g. animals, accents, just for kids, movies) and have to act out or give hints as to what the answer on the screen is – but without saying any part of the name. This is definitely one to get the group animated – love this app!

Photo credit: Ellen

I’m a big fan of trivia, so QuizUp (free) has been one of my guilty pleasures this month. This app has categories for everyone, including: Disney, Historical Figures, TV, Logos, etc. While playing this game, you’re going up against someone else, battling for the win. Another great way to pass time!