30th Anniversary: Bachelor Party + Revenge of the Nerds

Last week marked the 30th anniversary of 80s classics Bachelor Party and Revenge of the Nerds, and to celebrate, 20th Century Fox released both films on Blu-Ray. Although I wasn’t old enough (or born) to see these films in theaters for their original debut, I definitely appreciate them now!

Bachelor Party:
I hadn’t seen Bachelor Party before this week, but it’s been one on my list for quite some time, since the movie stars one of my all-time favorite actors, Tom Hanks. Although there is quite a lot of rowdiness going on in this movie, it’s not one just for the guys. I thoroughly enjoyed this comedy and absolutely loved seeing Tom Hanks in his younger days, in a role unlike the more serious ones I’ve seen him in over the years.

This movie shows the epic night of the bachelor and bachelorette parties of a bride and groom to-be. The groom-to-be is reluctant about the bash his friends plan to throw, as they’re hardcore partiers, while the reserved bride-to-be has a more traditional shower. But things get shaken up once the bride’s father pays her ex-boyfriend to win her back and the bride shows up to spy on her future husband at his bachelor party.

Bachelor Party ($15) is available on Blu-Ray, including 5 special features:

  • Behind the Scenes
  • “An American Tradition” Featurette
  • “While the Men Play” Featurette
  • Tom Hanks Interview
  • Theatrical Trailer

Revenge of the Nerds:
I originally stumbled across Revenge of the Nerds when looking for something good to watch on TV on a lazy Sunday. The title immediately piqued by interest because I consider myself a nerd (although not quite to the tee of the guys in this movie). I definitely recommend watching this film – I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time and every time I watch it (or hear the name) I immediately get the film’s theme song stuck in my head for days – so funny!

In this comedy based on college life, a group of “nerds” decide to start their own frat after being rejected by all of the others on campus. As expected, the “popular” kids/frats try to run the nerds off campus and as the title states, the nerds seek revenge, which obviously is very carefully crafted.

Revenge of the Nerds ($15) is available on Blu-Ray, including 5 special features:

  • Commentary by Jeff Kanew, Robert Carradine, Timothy Busfield and Curtis Armstrong
  • “I’m a Nerd, and I’m Pretty Proud of It” Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
  • “Revenge of the Nerds” Television Pilot
  • Theatrical Trailer

* Disclosure: I received Bachelor Party and Revenge of the Nerds on Blu-Ray for review purposes