Fun Findings Friday #88

Container Store Go Organized Travel Sale:
My love for The Container store grows every day. Seriously. Everything in the store is about origination and I’m all about it. Throughout the year, various sales occur such as closest organization, spring organization, etc. But this past Monday kicked off the one I’ve been most looking forward to – the organized travel sale! If you have any trips coming up, this is a great time to check out the luggage, packing cubes, and other travel essentials!

Twig Terrariums:
Decorating my spaces at home and work is one of my favorite things to do. Since you’re spending a lot of time in these places, it’s important to add your own flare to the area. In my workspace, I keep a lot of random, fun trinkets and have come across a new type of decor I’m dying to add – Twig Terrariums! This NYC-based company creates moss/plant decorations as standalones, and also allows you to place little characters, kind of like telling a story, in each jar. You can order these pre-made or you can purchase DIY kits. Love this idea!

Rick Grimes vs. Walter White Rap Battle (Parody):
Two of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad have characters that will go down in TV history (Rick Grimes and Walter White). This week, a duo’s parody rap battle between the characters went viral and I can’t stop laughing at it! If you’re fans of either show, you’ll definitely want to check this out!