Mophie Juice Pack Review

I love my iPhone but it’s no secret that the battery life isn’t the best. I don’t know anyone who can last an entire day on their initial charge. In fact, a typical day for me results in an additional charge – charge and a half. Although plugging in my phone to a computer or wall charger is an option a good chunk of the time, it isn’t always feasible (mainly when on-the-go). I’ve heard a lot of buzz around Mophie, so I decided to give it a try.

For the iPhone 5/5S, there are 3 options, varying in price and battery boost (the more you pay, the more battery charge you’ll get). After weighing the options, I decided to purchase the RED Juice Pack Air, the middle product in their line. It’s a bit of an investment for a phone accessory at $100, but in my opinion, well worth the investment!

The case is a bit awkward at first, as the bottom of the case acts as the charger, extending the base of the phone as we’re used to it. But after a few hours with it, I felt comfortable with it, and now after using the case for a couple months, there’s nothing out of the norm about it!

Charging the case is really easy, and when charging the case with the Mophie USB cord, you’re also charging the phone itself. Once your phone reaches a 100% charge plugged in, your case should also have a full charge (if you push the button on the back of the case, the lights will light up to indicate the level of charge available). Additionally, if you leave the Mophie cord behind somewhere, you can always detach the bottom part of the case and charge your phone regularly.

As for the most important part (using your case to charge your phone), simply flip the switch on the bottom right of the back of the case and your phone will buzz and indicate a charge as it would if you were using the traditional iPhone charger. The Juice Pack Air gives your phone a full 100% charge, so if your phone were dying, you could restore it fully without having to pull any cords or other accessories out, which is awesome!

As mentioned earlier, the cases are a little expensive, but I find this an accessory I can’t go a day without using! If you’re someone who goes through battery quickly and/or living an on-the-go lifestyle (who isn’t anymore though), this is definitely something you’ll want to add to your “must have” list. I am one happy customer!