Best Fitness Products for Summer

With summer just weeks away, bikini season has once again snuck up on us. Below are my picks for best fitness products for summer (and really year round), that are applicable for just about every type of workout. What are your favorite fitness products/accessories?

Look Human Tank
Some of my favorite shirts come from Look Human, and if you’re a fan of any kind of pop culture, they’ll be yours too. The Train Like You’ve Been Picked for the Triwizard Tournament tank ($29) is at the top of my list for summer workouts. It combines comfort with my love for all things Harry Potter. Must have!

I walk my dog twice a day and often struggle when my pants/shorts are pocketless and I have nowhere to put my keys and phone + headphones. Flipbelt ($28.99) kindly sent one of their belts to me in my favorite color to try out. Made of spandex, this product fits comfortably around your waist (you select your size it’s not a one size fits all) and holds all of your essentials in place when working out (e.g. keys, credit cards, cash, phone). I love that this is also washer and dryer friendly!

Aspen Yoga Mat
I’m new to yoga this year but have really been enjoying the weekly classes I take with my best friends. Although our studio provides mats, I preferred to have my own, so I went on the hunt for the perfect for one for me, and stumbled across Aspen Yoga Mats’ Laughing Buddha mat ($49.95) and was sold instantly. I was torn between the teal and pink mats and ended up opting for the pink one. One of the really cool things about this company is that each of the colors for their mats represent something different, so you can choose based on your personality. Pretty brilliant idea! These mats are also a little longer than other mats I’ve used (which I appreciate) and the quality is great!

It’s been almost a full year that I’ve had my FitBit Flex ($99.95) and I can’t say enough praises for it. I love being able to keep track of how active (or lazy) I am each day, as well as my quality of sleep. The ease of use is also a big seller. Several other big-named fitness apps integrate nicely with the FitBit app and I usually only need to charge the battery once a week (and no disposable batteries, yay)!



  1. May 16, 2014 / 6:58 PM

    I love that Harry Potter tank! I need that! lol