Orange Glad: May 2014 Review

I’m a big fan of dessert – who isn’t!? So when Orange Glad reached out and asked if I wanted to review a box, I couldn’t wait for it to come!

Orange Glad is a monthly subscription box filled with 5 deluxe sweet treats for $21.95 each month (less if you order a 3 or 6 month subscription). Aside from the delicious treats in the box, you also receive an info card that tells you a little about each of the items chosen and what ingredients are included in each, along with how long you can wait to eat each treat (e.g. you should eat right away, within a week, 2 weeks, etc.) – like they’d last long!

Cranberry Orange Welsh Cake
I must admit, I was pretty curious when I found the Cranberry Orange Welsh Cake ($6.50) in my box. I was a bit skeptical to try it since the description of a pancake/scone/ seemed like an odd dessert to me. I couldn’t be more wrong. I was planning to sample one (there were two in the pack) but ended up scarfing both down after my first bite. The package said they’re especially good warmed up but I’m not a big fan of warm desserts. They tasted amazing to me straight out of the package!

Gluten-Free Ultimate Brownie
I’m a big fan of brownies (chocolate.. yum!) but was unsure how I’d feel about the gluten-free brownie I received since things are never quite as good GF. But after I was a few bites in, I realized I didn’t notice much of a difference at all and found the brownie ($2.50) from to be quite rich – stopping halfway through and saving the rest for later in the day. Well done!

Cici’s Italian Butterhorns
I’d never heard of an Italian Butterhorn prior to receiving this box but apparently they’re big in Italy! Tasting kind of like a cinnamon bun (but less fluffy), the Cici’s Italian Butterhorns ($2.50) weren’t my  favorite item in the box but still very enjoyable. Next time I’ll have to try them with a scoop of ice cream, as the info card noted.

Baking Betty’s Cookies
Saving the best for last – Baking Betty’s Cookies were my favorite treats in the box. Featuring the Peanut Butter Cup Cookie ($2.75) and the award-winning S’more Cookie ($2.75).. I was in HEAVEN! I’m actually thinking the S’more one was the best cookie I’ve ever eaten and am seriously considering placing an order for a big batch of these to ship over from California – they’re THAT good!

May’s Orange Glad retailed out to about $17 and was so delicious! I found it very nice to be spoiled with a variety of desserts that I wouldn’t normally have found on my own. Not to mention their aren’t really any fab bakeries in Florida that I’ve come across so Orange Glad really is a treat! Can’t wait to see what kind of treats are in next month’s box!

* Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own. Post also contains affiliate links.

  • This box is right up my alley! Those cookies sound amazing. You should go to Chocolate Pi in Hyde Park…they are the best bakery I have found in our area. :)

  • They really were! I definitely recommend trying :) and thanks for the tip – I'll have to give that place a try soon!