Golden Tote: May 2014 Review

My new subscription addiction is Golden Tote, a monthly subscription that delivers stylish new clothes in a tote for $49 (2-3 items) or $149 (5-7 items) each month. I’ve tried out both price tiers of totes and opted for $149 tote in May since there were so many items I loved. I picked two items out of the lineup and Golden Tote selected 3 additional pieces for me based on my style profile. Check out my picks + surprises below!

Preppy Plaid Dress
The Preppy Plaid Dress ($60) was my first pick from the lineup. It’s something totally different from what I currently have in my closet and I thought the design was so fun and colorful. Unfortunately, I wasn’t crazy about it when I tried it on. It poofed out a bit more than I liked in the back, so I ended up trading it with another Golden Toter. Happy to know it’s going to a good home!

Easy Embroidered Maxi

My second pick from May’s Golden Tote was the Easy Embroidered Maxi ($30) which I absolutely LOVE! I’m planning a trip to Napa Valley this summer and can’t wait to rock this dress out in the vineyards – it’s perfect!

Paint Splatter Tank

From what I saw, Golden Tote had two versions of this Paint Splatter Tank ($30) as surprise items – one in black and the other in white. I’m very happy that I received the darker of the two! The tank is pretty sheer at first glance but after trying it on it didn’t seem as noticeable to me.

Priddy by Puella Swing Top

At first I thought the Priddy by Puella Swing Top ($40) was a dress, but after trying it on I realized it definitely was not! Although I thought it was super cute and extremely comfortable, it was a little big on me so I decided to trade this one as well.

Priddy by Puella Dress

This Priddy by Puella Dress ($50) made exclusively for Golden Tote definitely isn’t something that would hit my radar. It seems kind of dull to me and reminds me a bit of something that would be worn in The Hunger Games or Divergent movies. Accessorizing is definitely key with this one. After trying a few different long necklaces and other pieces of jewelry, it’s growing on me.

Naked Zebra Slip Dress

Looking at the Naked Zebra Slip Dress ($40) on the hanger before I tried it on, I thought I was going to hate it. I think I’d like it better without the string in the front, but regardless, I think it’ll make a great summer outfit!

Although the May tote isn’t my favorite compared to the others I’ve received, I still really loved the items in it and was able to trade the ones I wasn’t crazy about. If you’re new to Golden Tote  trading isn’t something officially done through the company/subscription. There’s a separate unofficial Facebook group where you can buy/sell/trade your GT items to others. 
I’m usually pretty picky about my clothes but have found that Golden Tote pieces are quickly becoming my favorites in my closet. I love that most of the items are unique to GT as well, so you’re not as likely to run into people wearing the same clothes as you from popular stores.
What did you think of May’s Golden Tote  Will you be subscribing to this month’s? If so, get ready because June’s Golden Tote goes on sale at noon EST today!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links