Wantable Accessories Box: June 2014 Review

I’ve been curious to try a Wantable box for quite some time and was very excited when the company offered to send me a box to review! There are 3 different types of boxes the company offers – Makeup, Accessories, and Intimates. I opted for the Accessories box since I had seen some beautiful pieces in other blog reviews and on Instagram. Plus, I wanted to expand my collection!

Wantable boxes are $36 if you subscribe and $40 for a one-time box. Upon signing up, you’re given a style quiz to indicate your preferences of items you love, like, and dislike. I absolutely LOVE this feature, since I’m a silver jewelry girl all the way and I always end up receiving gold pieces in subscription boxes. I was very curious what types of accessories would be sent based on my quiz answers – take a look at the 4 items selected for me below!

Ella Earrings
I usually wear the same pearl earrings every day since they typically match whatever I’m wearing. But I was very happy to find these Ella Earrings ($18) in the box. Not too big or small, I can definitely see myself wearing these often!

Jory Necklace
The Jory Necklace ($22) was my favorite piece in June’s Wantable Accessories Box! Now that it’s summer, it’s time to bust out the colorful jewelry. I especially can’t wait to rock this on my trip to Napa, it’s perfect (and finally something silver)!

Banded Geometric Headband
When I first opened my box, I wasn’t too excited about the Banded Geometric Headband ($10), but within a few minutes I was really digging it. I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll wear when I’m out and about, but think it’ll get most use at home when cleaning or washing my face. Each headband purchase also provides 3 meals for a child in Uganda, which I think is awesome!

Nila Bracelet
The Nila Bracelet ($24) – bangles, really, are another exciting thing to add to my jewelry collection. I don’t own any plain silver bangles so this set was much needed! They’re made of sturdy material, so they don’t feel flimsy which is a plus!

June’s Wantable Accessories Box retailed out to about $74 – almost double the price you pay for the box! These pieces are also pretty unique – not all are available to order online. I really loved the personalized aspect of the box and that style tips are included for how to wear your various accessories. So fun!

What were your favorite items from this month’s box?