Fun Findings Friday #92

Talk Corkboards:
Whether using at home or at work, the Talk Corkboards ($15) are one of my favorite findings for a workspace – I love that the boards come as a set of three with different types of chat/thought bubbles! Such a fun way to post reminders, photos, and memorabilia.

Surprise Item Tote from Golden Tote:
Since deciding to splurge on the Golden Tote subscription a few months ago, I’ve been hooked (see my reviews here)! And every once in a while they offer mystery totes, filled with complete surprise items (you normally receive surprise items in your monthly tote but choose 1-2 items so it’s not a complete surprise). Since it is a mystery, no spoilers have been released (all we know is that you’ll receive 4-5 items and the tote will cost $100) but I’m very excited to buy one when the sale starts at noon (12 p.m. EST) today!

The Beyoncelogues: Irreplaceable:
We all love belting along with Beyonce on her slow jams, but actress/writer Nina Millin’s breakdown of her songs in monologue-form are pretty amazing. I’d love to see her do this with some other artists’ songs, but for now I’m enjoying looking at these songs from a whole different perspective. Watch the breakdown of “Irreplaceable” below!