BarkBox: June 2014 Review

It’s time for another BarkBox review! Apologies for not getting a review of last month’s BarkBox up, the end of the month was pretty hectic (you can check out my other BarkBox reviews here). If you’re not familiar with BarkBox, it’s a monthly subscription box filled with treats and toys for your dog(s), starting at $19/month. Ever since I started subscribing for my dog Sheba, she seems to think every box that comes in the mail for her – it’s too funny!

June’s BarkBox was Paris-themed, bringing a little European vacation to our pups. What a cool idea! I’d love to see more big city-themed BarkBoxes in the future (NYC, London, San Fran)!

Le Petit Treat Quiche Lorraine
The Le Petit Treat Quiche Lorraine treats ($12) seemed to be the big winner for Sheba, she even started to lick the box she was so excited about them! Unfortunately, these didn’t sit well with her and less than 5 minutes after eating one of the treats, she got sick. 
Harry Barker Eiffel Tower
Harry Barker is one of my favorite brands for dogs so I was very glad to see their Eiffel Tower Toy ($10) included! This has gotten a little bit of attention from Sheba, but since it’s not super fluffy on the outside, she’s not as interested. I don’t think anything can top her Lammy!
Bocce’s Bakery Chicken Cordon Blue
Bocce’s Bakery is a BarkBox staple, and I always love seeing their products included. I also love that all of their treats are given names after human food! Sheba received their Chicken Cordon Blue treats  ($9.50) and can’t get enough of them – and looking at the ingredients (antibiotic-free chicken, turkey bacon and cheese) I don’t blame her!
Harry Barker Tug & Toss
Two Harry Barker toys in one box – very exciting! Sheba’s not one for tug o’ war usually, but she was pretty excited to play with the Tug & Toss ($6). The material this is made of is also great for keeping dogs’ teeth clean, so mom (me) is more than happy to keep Sheba playing with this one!
June’s BarkBox retailed out to $37.50, which is a steal considering we locked in an awesome rate of $16 for the box during a special promo a few months ago. This wasn’t one of Sheba’s favorite boxes, especially since one of the treats made her sick. I’m hoping next month will include more of her favorite things, like Planet Dog balls or furry toys with squeakers!
What did you think of this month’s BarkBox?

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