Horror Block: June 2014 Review

I’m a big fan of nerd things – namely Harry Potter and Ninja Turtles, so subscription boxes like Nerd Block and LootCrate are right up my alley! It’s been a few months since I’ve subscribed to either (I’ve been trying other boxes out and the themes aren’t always something I’m interested in), but when Nerd Block announced their new horror-themed box, Horror Block, I couldn’t place my order fast enough!

Horror Block is a brand new monthly subscription that sends 4-6 items related to the horror genre for $19.99 (plus $9.50 for shipping). Check out the goodies in their first ever box below!

Freddy Kruger T-Shirt
I have to admit, the Freddy Kruger t-shirt ($16) is pretty creepy. But I was also very excited about it! This will definitely be a PJ shirt for me for the most part, but I’m already thinking ahead to Halloween or rocking this at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights later this year. Love this!

The Govenor Pop Funko
I am a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead and love the Pop Funko character figurines. From what I saw, there were a variety sent out, but I received The Governor ($12). Can’t wait to add this one to my Walking Dead shelf (yes, a whole one dedicated to it) in my den! 

Red Morgue Magazine
I’d never heard of the Red Morgue Magazine ($10) prior to receiving it in the box but apparently, it’s the #1 horror magazine! I’ve only read a few pages so far but am pretty intrigued by the content. A whole magazine dedicated to horror?! Awesome.

Horror Classic Funko Mystery Minis  
Mystery vinyl figures are awesome.. Or can be. The major downside is you never knowing which one you’ll get (especially when there’s one or two you really want). I was pretty excited to find the Horror Classic Funko Mystery Minis ($7), and even more excited to open it to see which horror character I got… Leatherface (well, one of the versions of him)!
Blood Red Soap
The Blood Red Soap ($2) reminded me more of April Fools Day than a horror product in a way, but it does fit with the theme. I can’t think of a use for this in every day life off the top of my head, so I’m thinking I might save this for a horror-themed bash closer to Halloween.

Playful Gorilla Horror Stickers
The set of stickers from Playful Gorilla ($12) are pretty freaky looking. But after all, that is the point. I don’t really have much use for these stickers so I think I might pass these on, but it is a neat inclusion.

June’s Horror Block retailed out to about $60, almost double the amount I paid. Of all the nerd boxes, this one is hands down my favorite! I can’t wait to see what else comes, but hope it’s filled with many more Walking Dead and classic horror (e.g. Freddy, Jason) products.

What horror products would you like to see – any specific genre favorites?


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  1. July 7, 2014 / 6:57 PM

    That is seriously cool! It would make a great gift too if your friends are so inclined.