Fun Findings Friday #93

Candy German Subscription:
There’s a new company in the subscription box game and I’m dying to try it! Candy German costs about $40 ($29 in Europe) and contains 6-8 items of Germany candy in each box! I love this for several reasons, but mainly the following two. First, it’s candy. And although some of the items will be available to buy in the US, most will not. And second, I’m German! My grandparents were born and grew up in the country so I’m always interested in learning more about the culture (candy included). I’d be curious to know what my grandparents think about the box as well!

Amazon Prime Music:
Amazon just keeps getting better. As part of their Prime membership program, we now have access to Amazon Prime Music. Although not every song is available, there are over one million available to stream (think Pandora/Spotify) ad free! The only downside is that you have to click on the songs or albums to add to your library, but that’s small potatoes for something so awesome! I’ve been using this just about every day since it was released.

Frozen is the New Black:
If you’re a fan of Orange is the New Black, Frozen, and/or Disney princesses/villains, you’ll absolutely LOVE the parody video, Frozen is the New Black, which went viral this week. Although this is just a quick trailer-like video, it’d be pretty cool to see a full-length episode in Frozen-style!