Golden Tote: July 2014 Review

After splurging on the Golden Tote Surprise Tote earlier this month, I opted for the 2-3-item $49 tote from Golden Tote during their regular monthly sale (the other option is a $149 tote with 5-7 items), which begins at noon the first Monday of every month (see my previous GT reviews here).

Relaxed & Refined Blouse
This month there were quite a few dresses I was eyeing up in the GT Boutique but opted for the Relaxed & Refined Blouse ($32), since it looked like a great shirt to wear casually or dressed a little more up for work. Although several colors were available (and still are!) I opted for the royal blue colored one which also happens to match the color of the TB Lightning, my hockey team! It looked like it’d be a weird fit on the hanger, but once I tried it on I thought it was perfect!

Priddy by Puellea Dress
This Priddy by Puella Dress is so pretty! I don’t have anything like this pattern, so I was excited to try it on. I’m not totally crazy about it since I don’t have a completely flat stomach (and you kind of need one with this dress), so I’m thinking I’ll head to the GT Trading Group and look for someone to swap this with!

This tote was 50/50 for me, but since I did go with the smaller one this month, there weren’t as many pieces of clothing for me to try. As mentioned in previous posts, I’m not always crazy about every item I receive in my GT, but there’s usually someone in the trading group who is dying to have it, and me for one of the items they have and aren’t crazy about. So it all works out in the end!

For those of you who’ve been staying away from signing up because you’re afraid you’ll hate it all, give it a try once and you might be just as hooked as me and the hundreds of other GT’ers! I’ve been in need of some new clothes but can never find anything I like in the stores and have really been pleasantly surprised by the pieces I’ve received from Golden Tote – in fact, they’re my favorite clothing items now and I receive a ton of compliments on them!