Cause of the Month: Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

This month, I’m spotlighting a charity that encompasses two of my favorite things – animals and NYC. Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is a non-profit supporting animal welfare in New York City, helping 150+ rescue groups and shelters find homes for the thousands of cats and dogs in the city who need a home.

Photo credit: Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

Since 2003 this cause has been working to eliminate the heartbreaking fact that many animals are put down because there aren’t enough homes or shelter space to accommodate all of the strays. By next year (2015), this organization strives to make NYC a no-kill community, and has already made a lot of progress, saving 8 out of 10 animal lives. Although this progress is incredible (250,000+ lives saved since the charity’s inception), there is still lots of work to be done.

I ordered Alex and Ani’s Paw Prints Charm Bangle ($28) to support the cause (and fashionably)! You can also support this cause by actually adopting a NYC animal or by donating online/by mail, corporate giving, gifts by will, etc.

Photo credit: Alex and Ani

If you’re looking to adopt an animal, I urge you to check out your local shelter, whether you’re a New Yorker or elsewhere in the country or even the world. Those are the animals that really need your help! I adopted my pup from my local shelter and she means the world to me!

Have you adopted an animal? Would love to hear your adoption story!