Travelbox: July 2014 Review

This month was a big travel one for me, so I was very excited to see what kind of goodies were in July’s Travelbox! I received this box earlier this month (Travelbox is one of the first boxes to ship out each month) but haven’t had a chance to get this review up until now.

Lanolin Agg Tval Egg White Facial Care
The Lanolin Agg Tval Egg White Facial Care ($6 for 2) is handmade soap that has been used in Sweden for over 100 years! Helping to cleanse pores, this soap is supposed to be fantastic for your skin! I’m not usually a bar of soap type person (I prefer the shower gels), but I’m thinking I might have to give this Swedish soap a try!

Luxe City Guide – Paris
I always stock up on travel books/guides when planning a trip but most of the time never actually end up reading them, thanks to quick Google searches/technology. The pocket sized guides however, are awesome FOR the actual trip. The Luxe City Guide – Paris ($10) couldn’t have come at a better time, as I’m actually planning a trip to Paris for later this year! This will definitely come in handy!

Miists Portable Sprays Sunscreen
Sunscreen is the #1 item in subscription boxes this month – and for good reason! Skin cancer is at an ultimate high, per a report that the Attorney General distributed recently. What I like about Miists Portable Sprays Sunscreen ($3) is that it’s easy to tote around (hence the “portable”), and is a spray instead of the lotion you end up getting all over everything when you typically put sunscreen on. If you’re not a fan of that either, this is a great option for you!

Sahale Snacks
I received 2 packs of Sahale Snacks ($2.20), a repeat item from June’s box. Although I do like them, I was a bit disappointed to find an item repeat in the box. Especially one I’m not totally crazy about.

Chee Wees
Chee Wees ($1) isn’t something I’d ever heard of prior to this month’s box, but they kind of remind me of the Wise brand for some reason. Self-named the “original cheese curls” these Cheeto-like snacks were established in New Orleans and have been produced in good ol’ NOLA since the late 1940s!

Kind Bar – Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt
I was first introduced to Kind (well, actually trying them at least) a few months ago by Travelbox. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed. They’re pretty much my standard breakfast at work and a bar I carry around with me when on-the-go. If you haven’t tried the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bar ($1.50), I highly recommend!

The Vapur ($8) was probably my favorite item in this month’s box. Although there’s not an every day need for this (at least for me), this will absolutely come in handy for days at theme parks, out at the beach, at a concert, etc. It’s easy to clip on to things too, allowing you to carry your portable 0.5 L  bottle along hands-free.

I paid $25.95 for my Travelbox and this month’s retailed out to just over $31. Although the value was great, July’s box wasn’t too exciting to me product-wise, especially with 2 sets of items being repeated from previous boxes. I went to the Travelbox website and social accounts to see if other people had the same issue and turns out they did! I haven’t been able to get in touch with the company, but I noticed their FB page is missing and the subscription has said “sold out” for about a month, not allowing anyone to subscribe anymore. Hmm…

  • Glenda

    I've been subscribing since the start last Jan., and all but three small items in my box were repeats. Did you get billed for an August box? (They would've charged you around July 20th). They've not responded to my email complaint about the repeats, and their facebook page is now gone. I think they dumped all their old product as part of the July box and gone out of business… Finding it weird that they've not made any announcement…

  • I sent an e-mail about canceling but never heard back. I guess they got it though because I didn't get charged for August. So weird that they just disappeared though – I really loved the first couple boxes they sent out!