Guardians of the Galaxy: Movie Review

Earlier this week I was able to see a screening of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, starring big names such as Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Dave Batista, and Bradley Cooper (to name a few). Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty different from Marvel’s other films, as there’s no “main” superhero, like Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. – the ones we know so well. But that didn’t make the movie falter in any way.

In 1988, young Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is abducted by the Ravagers (a group of space pirates), led by Yondu (Michael Rooker). Over 20 years later, Quill finds himself in a bit of trouble after stealing a mysterious orb that many people in the Galaxy are after. With a hefty bounty out for him. Rocket the raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and his pet Groot (tree-like humanoid) aim to capture him, while enigmatic Gamora attempts to steal the orb. Because of all the commotion, the four find themselves captured by the Nova Corps (police) and thrown into prison. Here, they meet Drax the Destroyer who is filled with rage and beyond ready to avenge the murders of his wife and daughter.

Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures/Marvel

Similar to the Avengers (in the sense that there’s a group), these 5 misfits (who are unlikely friends) band together to protect the Galaxy from powerful villain Ronan (pictured below), who’s hell-bent on destroying the entire universe, using an unmatchable power from an ancient orb. I must say, of all the villains, this guy definitely is higher up on the list of villains who give you the creeps/make your skin crawl!

Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures/Marvel

My only gripe with the film comes after the credits. Marvel ALWAYS shows us a glimpse of their next film, without fail. However, after anxiously waiting through the credits, we were all disappointed to find the screen go black and the lights up. Not cool, Marvel.

Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters last night (officially today) and was one of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile. Yes, looking at the poster and maybe even parts of the trailer make the film look pretty cheesy. But it’s filled with an incredible cast, lots of action, even more laughs (love the Marvel wit), and best of all, awesome music (nothing beats the tunes of the 70s/80s). If you’re looking for a reason to get out this weekend and do something, this is it!

  • I have heard great things about this movie. I totally though it was a cheesy kids movie based on the posters, but I think we are going to try an see it tonight.