Staying Charged with Duracell PowerMat and PowerCase

Living in a world where we’re connected 24/7 to our smartphones, we’ve all felt that wave of panic when the battery indicator turns from green to red, letting you know that you don’t have much time before your phone will power off. Sure we have chargers for our computers, cars, the wall, etc., but when you’re not in a place where you can get to one, it’s never a good feeling.

Right before their big announcement with Starbucks, Duracell reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in trying out their Duracell Powermat and PowerCase, a charging phone case with an additional charging mat, ensuring there’s always backup power for your iPhone 5/5S.

I’ve been using this Duracell set for about a month and a half now, giving me plenty of time to get a feel for the accessories. At first, I was a bit confused when trying to put the case together since you have to put the phone in the skeleton of the case before sliding it into the actual case. Once I moved past my blonde/”duh” moment, it was super easy!

I usually wait until later in the day when my battery has dwindled to nearly dead (less than 10%) before tapping the button on the back of the phone case for additional power and it’s amazing how quickly my battery jumps back up from 5% to 81%! Although it’s not a full charge back up to 100%, the PowerCase gives your phone just the extra boost it needs until you can get to a more solid power source.

The PowerCase does require a separate USB cord, as I learned when I tried to plug my standard iPhone charger in. No dice. If you take the phone out of the case (push up from the bottom to do so) you can absolutely use the standard one. But while in the case (and to charge the case), you’ll need a separate micro USB cable, which unfortunately, you’ll need to purchase separately. These can be found pretty cheaply on Amazon and I recommend buying two. I like to keep one at home and bring another with me as I’m on-the-go.

The PowerMat is also a great accessory for quick charging but can only be used with a PowerCase case. It’s hard to see in the picture below but there’s a “P” in the middle of the PowerMat and on the back of the PowerCase there’s also a “P” in the middle. If you line these two up and place your phone on the Mat, the charge will begin immediately. I wish this accessory simulanteously charged the phone case, but hey, I’ll take whatever battery boost I can get!

The Duracell Powermat and PowerCase is currently available at Apple for $119.99. Although it is a pretty big investment (especially for a phone case), it’s definitely worth it. And if you break down the cost, it ends up being less than 33 cents a day to use – and that’s calculated for a one-year time span. Since receiving this duo, I haven’t gone one day without using it (especially the PowerCase)!

I’m hopeful that one of these days, Duracell will team up with some designers for fun cases in the styles of some of my favorites, Kade Spade and Phone Case of the Month. But for now, I’m just thankful to have this life.. I mean phone-saving accessory!

*Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.