Horror Block: August 2014 Review

As a big fan of the horror genre, I was looking forward to getting my second Horror Block (curated by Nerd Block) in the mail this month! Part of the Nerd Block family, this monthly box includes 5-6 items plus a t-shirt, all related to the horror genre for just under $30 (including shipping).

Funko POP! Sharknado Vinyl Figure
The big product Horror Block spotlighted in this month’s box was the Funko POP! Sharknado Vinyl Figure ($10). I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever understand the hype of Sharknado, but then again I haven’t seen any of the movies (rumor has it they’re already working on #3).

The Zumbies: Unkind Kenneth
I actually discovered The Zumbies doll series last month on vacation in San Francisco and was debating purchasing one because I love zombie things and also, I thought that the dolls in the series  were pretty cute. Cut to a couple weeks later, and my Unkind Kenneth doll ($8) showed up! Each Zumbie doll is supposed to bring good luck to life and has a special characteristic. This guy is supposed to make sure that you always have someone to back you up. I think I’m going to hang this guy up in my car. I love it!

Frog Brothers T-Shirt
I LOVED my Freddie Krugar shirt from last month so I couldn’t wait to see which shirt was included this month. The Frog Brothers T-Shirt (~$17) definitely looks like something from a horror film (The Lost Boys), but surprisingly, it’s not anything I’ve heard of before! Thinking I’ll need to add this to my watch list sometime soon.

Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Figurine (Series 1) 
I was happy to find a Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Figurine ($5) in my box. I wish my figurine’s name wasn’t on the front of the box (blind boxes are more fun when they’re truly blind), but now that I have one, I feel like I need to complete the rest of the collection!

Rue Morgue Magazine
Another issue of Rue Morgue Magazine ($10) was in my box. I’m thinking this is something that’s going to show up every month. What awesome exposure for the magazine! I haven’t read it just yet, but the major focus of this issue is the 20th anniversary of The Crow (another movie I’ll need to add to my list).

Alien Pin Pack
Alien is a classic in the horror genre so with back-to-school season upon us, the Alien Pin Pack (~$3) seems pretty appropriate. These aren’t something I’ll get any use out of, but I think I’ll donate these, I know there are plenty of horror fans who would love to have these.

This month’s Horror Block retailed out to about $53. Although the value is great compared to what I paid, this month was a miss for me. I wasn’t familiar with a few of the films represented in the box and was hoping for some other TV shows/movies in the horror genre to be included. I’m going to skip next month’s Horror Block but I’m thinking I’ll resubscribe again in October for what I’m hoping will be a really epic box in the month of Halloween and the return of The Walking Dead!