Golden Tote: August 2014 Review

Golden Tote arrival days are just about my favorite day of the month. Any fellow subscriber can attest to the excitement that comes when you 1-get your shipping notification, 2-when you get your UPS out for delivery notice and 3-when you get home and tear open the box! This month I opted for the large tote, as fall styles are starting to roll out and couldn’t wait to see what surprises the GT team had in store for me.

If you’re not familiar with Golden Tote, here’s a quick overview of what you need to know. This monthly clothing subscription offers two “totes” the small ($49) and large ($149), beginning the first Monday of the month. If you select the small tote, you’ll choose 1 item and receive 2-3, and for the large you’ll pick 2 items and receive 5-7. The additional items included in your tote(s) are chosen by the GT stylists, based on your style profile.

Merrick for Golden Tote Lace Top
This month, Golden Tote invited blogger and designer Merrick White of Merrick’s Art to collaborate with them on some designs and they were a HUGE hit from what I’ve seen! I opted for the Merrick for Golden Tote Lace Top ($68) thinking I’ll get some good use of it both at work and out of. The size I ordered was a little big on me, but luckily I found someone with the same shirt who was looking to size up, so I was able to trade. Regardless, I probably would’ve tried to find a way to make this work because I love the shirt!

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans
I recently heard a report that denim is going out of style which boggles my mind. I love jeans. Could wear them all day, every day. My second pick for my August tote was the Distressed Boyfriend Jeans ($60). Rumor has it boyfriend jeans typically run big, so I sized down and luckily they were perfect! I’m so happy I have these in my closet!

On to the surprise items selected for me….

Priddy by Puella Striped Olive Dress
I loved my Priddy by Puella Striped Olive Dress on the hanger but on, it wasn’t too flattering on me. Stripes can be difficult to pull off and for some reason the dresses with pockets always end up looking a bit awkward on me. Luckily this dress was in high demand though so I was able to trade it easily to someone who can pull off the stripes and pockets!

Renee C Charcoal Knit Cardigan
I wear cardigans just about every day during the week since it’s always freezing in my office. The  Renee C Charcoal Knit Cardigan is a bit longer than I usually wear, but I think it’ll be a great piece to wear in the coming months!

Newbury Kustom Tank
This Newbury Kustom Tank is so cute! The pattern placement looks a little awkward on the hanger, but it wasn’t so bad once on. This one did run extremely small though, so I ended up trading it. Kind of a bummer but I was able to get a dress I really liked so it worked out.

Paper Crane Hoodie
My immediate reaction to the Paper Crane Hoodie was NO WAY. It’s white which is always dangerous (I’m afraid I’ll spill something on it), and the material is pretty thin. I was almost ready to trade it off and then I tried it on. It’s not something I’ll wear around town, but I’m so glad I didn’t trade it because this is something I’ll wear lounging on the cooler days every chance I get – its so comfy!

This month’s Golden Tote was a really big hit for me! Although I traded a couple things I received, I was able to swap for some things I love style-wise and can’t wait to wear! It’s crazy (but totally understandable) how much traction GT has been gaining lately. Orders from August are STILL shipping – about 1,000 were placed on the first day of the sale! You really can’t beat the price for what you get though. Can’t wait to see what’ll be coming out for next month’s sale which starts Monday, Sept. 8 (a week late due to Labor Day).

What did you think of this month’s Golden Tote?

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links