BarkBox: September 2014 Review

September’s BarkBox was a pretty big hit for Sheba (and me)! Inspired by back-to-school college football, this box was filled with items perfect for the football season. Check out all five below!

Yumzies Jerky Burgers
Sheba loveeeees the Yumzies brand, so she was thrilled to find these in her box. The Jerky Burgers treats ($7) are actually made of duck and are especially perfect for training or “just because.” Most of this bag has already been gobbled up – I hope Sheba receives some more Yumzies treats next month!

Muddy Buddy Dog Mop
I was very happy to find the Muddy Buddy Dog Mop ($10) in Sheba’s box! Although she could really care less about it (no treat or toy for her), the material this “mop” is made of helps soak up water 5x faster than a typical towel. It’s still considered hurricane season for another month here in FL and we’ve been getting rained on in buckets, so we’ll definitely be getting use out of this!

PetProjeckt Football Tretbal
I thought the PetProjeckt Football Tretbal ($9) was THE most adorable toy and perfect addition based on this month’s theme. And yes, that is the proper spelling of the toy! This toy is similar to Sheba’s favorite treat balls, and includes holes for sniffing the treat and gives dogs the challenge of getting the treat out. This has already gotten lots of play time!

Etta Says Duck Chew
Another common appearing brand in BarkBox, Etta Says, popped up this month. And most popular as usual, their Duck Chew ($4) was Sheba’s favorite in the box. In fact, she picked it up and carried it away, still wrapped in plastic!

Pawxford Pennant
The Pawxford Pennant ($5) is an adorable addition to September’s BarkBox. Sheba’s not a fan of crinkly toys like this so she won’t get use out of this, but I still love it! Additionally, this festive toy is a BarkBox-exclusive, so you won’t (or shouldn’t) be able to find it anywhere else!

September’s BarkBox retailed out to about $35, almost twice the amount I paid for the box and almost every item was a hit for Sheba. I’m looking forward to October’s box – hoping for some festive Halloween items!

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  • I'm so glad to read a review of BarkBox! I have always been intrigued by it. It's nice to see they have some real quality items. I will have to give it a try…I'm sure my pup, Maddie, would love it :)