Essential Apps: October 2014

It’s been a few months since I’ve written an essential apps post – there have been so many other things I’ve been busy blogging about! But now that I have the iPhone 6 and a lot more storage space, I’ve been trying out so many more apps and have a lot of awesome ones to share! Check out my top 3 for the month below.

Although I do love my “mindless” game apps, I really enjoy “brain training” apps that help you keep your brain sharp through a series of games, testing different areas of your brain. Elevate App (free app) is my new favorite app that offers 3 games per day, based on the areas you indicate you’d like to strengthen (e.g. focus, memory, conversion, brevity). I highly recommend downloading this one!

Photo credit: Elevate

7 Minute Workout
I’ve been pretty good about working out during the week but on the days I don’t make it to the gym, I sometimes feel like I need to give myself a little kick at home to get some kind of exercise. The 7 Minute Workout app (free) gives you a high-intensity (or whatever pace you can push yourself to do) 7 minute workout with 12 different exercises. If you’re looking to add a quick workout to your day, give this awesome app a try!

Photo Credit: 7 Minute Workout

I love music but don’t always want to pay $1.29 for every song I want to listen to. Cue the Songza app (free), which I’ve been using almost every day lately! The app provides music streaming for free and with no commercials – which is the big seller for me. Songza lets you choose your music playlist based on your mood (see picture below), which varies based on the time of day, or simply lets you search for an artist or decade.

Photo credit: Songza

What are your “essential apps” this month?