Cause of the Month: The Keep A Breast Foundation

We’ve been seeing a lot of pink this month due to October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To support this, I’ve decided to spotlight the Keep A Breast Foundation as this month’s cause on the blog. I’ve heard of the organization in passing, but it wasn’t until a bundle of items benefitting the cause popped up on my beloved Golden Tote that it really caught my attention.

The Keep A Breast Foundation strives to “eradicate breast cancer for future generations” by educating people about prevention, early detection, and cancer-causing toxins that are around in our everyday environment.

Accounting for approximately 1 in 3 cases of cancers, it’s the most common type of cancer diagnosed among women in the U.S., and happens every 3 minutes! Additionally, research has shown that tumors diagnosed in women under 40 are typically more aggressive and less responsive, making it EXTREMELY important to detect any abnormalities early on.

Photo credit: Keep A Breast Foundation

As you can see from the graphic above, about 40% of women and 80% of men (YES, men can get breast cancer too), do NOT have a breast health routine. So how can you check yourself? Follow the steps listed in the graphic below from the Keep A Breast Foundation. If you feel a lump or anything abnormal, take a trip to your doctor right away. Always better to get it checked out, even if it ends up being nothing.

Photo credit: Keep A Breast Foundation

Although there’s no specific formula as to who gets diagnosed with breast cancer, there are natural factors that come into play such as aging (the risk increases as women get older), genetics/family history, race, breast tissue density, and periods. But it’s not just natural factors that come into play. Some additional factors to keep in mind to help prevent breast cancer and keep your body healthy are refraining from smoking, eating well (high fiber, low fat diet), exercise, and breastfeeding.

Products you purchase can also have an effect on your body and potentially contribute to breast cancer. If possible, avoid products that contain parabens, phthalates, heavy metals, natural cleaning products (use basic ingredients such as lemon, baking soda and vinegar), and refrain from microwaving your food in plastic containers or drinking out of a plastic water bottle that’s been sitting in your car burning up.

To support the Keep A Breast Foundation, I ordered the Keep A Breast Bundle from Golden Tote ($25) that I mentioned earlier in this post. There were 3 different color options available, but I opted for the grey one (in case you’re interested in ordering but aren’t crazy about the colors). You can also donate directly to the Foundation.

Photo credit: Golden Tote

Whether you’re able to donate monetarily or not, consider taking action on social media and spreading the word and connecting with the Keep Abreast Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest!