Big Hero 6: Movie Review

Earlier this week I was able to catch an advanced screening of Disney’s newest animated film, Big Hero 6, which hits theaters nationwide today. I’m always excited to see anything Disney puts out, because let’s face it, they’re always incredible films. I didn’t know much about Big Hero 6 going into it, other than the fact that it has a little anime inspiration and there’s a marshmellow-looking robot. But I often find going blindly into movies like that is the best.

The film starts off in “Sanfransokyo,” where 14-year old genius Hiro Hamada is found participating in illegal robot (“bot”) fighting by his older brother Tadashi, who decides to take his little brother under his wing and show him how to use his significant brainpower, rather than wasting it away on local bot fights.

Tadashi takes Hiro to the “nerd lab,” where his four best friends, Gogo, Wasabi, Honey, and Fred spend most of their time. Each bring a unique skill and personality to the group, and together make an epic group. Hiro falls in love with all of the incredible inventions the group’s working on and decides he wants to join the team, and comes up with the perfect invention to introduce at the school’s showcase. But when a fire breaks out, things quickly take a turn for the worse.

Hiro spends the majority of the film next to robot, Baymax, who’s hands down the star of the film! Although originally programmed to be a health monitoring robot, Baymax becomes the perfect sidekick alongside Hiro, investigating and solving crime (to say the least).

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I ended up enjoying this movie! My emotions were all over the board with some terrible sadness, TONS of laughter, and a little bit of anger (toward the villain). My 9- and 7-year old sisters loved this one as well, so if you were thinking this was a movie geared toward boys, think again. If you’re able to get to the theater, whether this weekend or in the coming weeks, I absolutely recommend bringing the family to see this one!