Fun Findings Friday #110

Downton Abbey Holiday Gift Pack:
As I spend my last day in London, it’s only appropriate to share the Downton Abbey Holiday Gift Pack ($60)! Although this show has been holding a strong fan base for years, I just started getting into it a few months ago. It’s much different from most of the other shows on TV today, but I’m loving it! This gift pack with 2 wines, a candle and tea is an awesome “me” gift, one for a Downton episode watching party, or for any Downton fan!

DJ Earworm’s United States of Pop 2014
Last week DJ Earmworm dropped the annual “United States of Pop” song, a compilation of the year’s top hits. It’s got to take some serious time and dedication to pull all of the songs together and string them into a remix that makes sense lyrically, but once again, it’s been done! Listen below!

Ellen DeGeneres on Emoji Meanings:
There are so many emojis on our smartphones and although we all have the same thoughts for the most part as to what they mean, there are some that vary quite a bit, especially across age groups. Ellen DeGeneres breaks it down for us in the clip below – so funny!