5 Movies to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

Christmas week has arrived, along with you reminder that there’s just 3 days until Christmas! Over the weekend I watched quite a few festive movies (hello marathon of cheesy but fabulous Christmas flicks on Hallmark), but still plan to watch lots more this week! Here’s a list of 5 of my favorites to watch during the Christmas season:

Love Actually

This movie made my list of Thanksgiving movies (to end the season) and is again, on my Christmas list. I’d really put it on any movie list, it’s my all-time favorite. Love + Christmas + London. This film puts me in high spirits every time!

The Santa Clause

One of the classics from my childhood, The Santa Clause is one that can’t be missed. Bust out the hot cocoa for this one and enjoy the new Santa learning the ropes with good ol’ Bernard by his side!

Home Alone

Nothing beats a John Hughes movie. This one is just another example of his genius and one of my favorites! Brilliantly done and so many things to be nostalgic about! Plus, Kevin McCallister has some insanely good ideas for what to do if there happen to be burglars trolling your home. Almost 25 years old and this film is still going strong!

Jingle All the Way

This one’s all about the craziness of getting that perfect/must have gift. It became one of my favorites years ago when my parents told me I needed to wait a few more hours before waking them up to open presents on Christmas morning (I don’t see why 4 a.m. isn’t acceptable to start). So flipping through the channels there always seemed to be a Jingle All the Way marathon on. As an adult I appreciate this one even more!

It’s a Wonderful Life

So many feels in this Christmas classic. If you’re feeling down or discouraged about the dust of everyday life, this is an especially good one to watch. A reminder that despite the bad things that might happen, it’s still a wonderful life. You’ll be humming the “Buffalo Gals” song for days after, but it’s a must-watch this time of year!

What are your favorite movies to watch at Christmas?