Cause of the Month: Metropolitan Ministries

Happy day before Christmas Eve! While we’re all excited for Santa to come tomorrow night, it’s also the best time of year to give back. Not necessarily with money (December’s a tough month for that), but with time.

This month, I’m spotlighting Metropolitan Ministries, a charity local to Tampa, as my cause of the month. Metropolitan Ministries focuses on the theme of hope, providing just that to people in the area who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Offering programs and support to help these families and individuals achieve their highest potential, the organization also seeks assistance from the community (me + you), showing the importance of giving back to your neighbor(s).

At Christmas, Metropolitan Ministries sets up a huge white tent near downtown Tampa on East Palm Street, where the individuals/families can come to “shop” for their food and toys for Christmas. With the exception of a few full-time MetroMin staff, the tent is fully run by volunteers, which is an incredible thing to see.

Last week, some of my coworkers and I took a trip down to their tent and spent the afternoon volunteering – passing out chicken and turkey, pulling wagons full of food/toys to people’s cars, collecting donations, etc. and had a great time. It’s always such a good feeling to give back – even if it’s just with your time. And it makes it all worth it, seeing how happy and grateful individuals are with what Metropolitan Ministries and people in the community contribute to them, so they can enjoy the holidays with their families.

There are only a couple days left of the tent being up/open for Christmas, but if you have time to volunteer, MetroMin can always use your help! And if not, you can always make a donation, monetary or goods (new clothes, toys, food items) whether it’s this month or any other time during the year.

You can keep up with the latest from Metropolitan Ministries by connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

How are you giving back this month?

  • We always collect food this time of year at my office for Metropolitan Ministries, but that's so awesome you went down there! Merry Christmas!