Breakfast Buffet with H&P

Last month I was introduced to H&P Treats, a local (formerly NYC, now Tampa) company launched by Henry and Penny (two French Bulldogs), and their humans. Dedicated to the highest quality of ingredients and “paw-picked” by H&P, their treats are made of nutritional items such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and blueberries (yum!), and are grain, corn, soy, and wheat-free.

Excited about the release of their company and new 3-item “Breakfast Buffet” treat line last month, H&P kindly sent a sample of each flavor for Sheba to try!

First impressions? I couldn’t help but notice the adorable branding on each flavor’s bag. The font, the graphics, LOVE (it’s the marketer in me). Next, the names. Barking Bagels, Henry Home Fries, Penny Pancakes. I had to pause a second and make sure these were really for Sheba and not me. Dog treats modeled after human food/breakfast? Genius.

Even before I pulled the treats out of the box, Sheba was all over them. Her nose was going so crazy I don’t think she knew where to begin. Her sniff test always cracks me up. But based on the naming of the flavors, I had a feeling which one was going to be her favorite. This may or may not be due to her supposedly snatching the human version of the food off someone’s plate once upon a time.

Anytime Sheba gets something in the mail (usually some type of subscription box), I line everything up and let her pick a favorite. We went with this process for H&P’s treats as well and although it looks like she might have been deliberating for quite some time, she was actually ready to leap on one pile in particular. 

Here’s a closer look at the “Breakfast Buffet” ($24 for the trio or $8/bag) lineup.

Penny Pancakes were the winner – hands down – for this pup! Sheba really can’t seem to get enough of these, made with real blueberries and a maple drizzle. As you can see from the photo below, she was giving me the “but mom I want more” look/paw! Henry Home Fries (made with sweet mashed potatoes and coconuts) were a close second, and Barking Bagels (infused with chia seeds and banana bits) came in third.

At this time, H&P Treats can only be purchased online, but there’s a chance you could find them in some retail stores in the future. Stay up-to-date with the latest from the brand (Facebook//Twitter//Pinterest) + the masterminds behind it, H&P (who happen to be Instagram-famous)!

Which breakfast flavor do you think your pup would love most?