Overnight at Brussels’ Hotel Amigo

Last week I shared part one of last month’s London adventure and the first hotel we stayed at in London. Today, I’m excited to share our experience from our one-night stay in Brussels, at Hotel Amigo!

Since we only had 24 hours (literally) to spend in Brussels before catching the train back to London, I wanted to make sure we made the most of our time. Starting with the hotel. After mapping out the main attractions of the city I wanted to hit and reading reviews of various hotels in the city, I decided on Hotel Amigo. Right after booking I also found out a couple of my coworkers had stayed there on numerous trips, so I felt confident in the decision.

As one of the top-rated hotels in Brussels, it wasn’t cheap (€250/almost $300), but with such a short time to spend in the city and thinking we wouldn’t be getting back anytime soon (although I’d love to), we splurged on it. Spoiler alert: Of the 3 hotels we stayed at in Europe, Hotel Amigo takes the cake. We loved it!

Upon checking in, we caught a quick glimpse of the small lobby area, and the beautiful decked out Christmas tree (the perfect size for the area). I think everyday should be decorated for Christmas. #happiness

Our room was on the second floor, so we were able to use the staircase, which always led to that beautiful tree you just saw a picture of. That combined with the look of the hallways area (see below), I felt like a princess. It didn’t seem like we were staying in a hotel, but rather some kind of mansion. We knew we were going to like it before we even got into the room!

The first thing I looked at when walking into the room was the closet, located right next to the door. It’s pretty standard (i.e. safe, hangers, laundry bag), but I was pretty impressed that they also included an umbrella for use during our stay. We definitely could’ve used that in London when we got rained on at Buckingham Palace!

Next, the bathroom. SO NICE. The bath/shower area had the half-glass (like our previous hotel in London). Still weird to me (I was worried about the bathroom floor getting wet), but at the same time I was adjusting to the European style of things.




After getting over how nice the bathroom was (hey, it’s the little things), I made my way over to the main bedroom area. You might notice a crease in the middle of the bed. It’s two twin beds instead of one double/queen. Another European thing. Very comfortable beds though!


Last but not least, the foreign (well, to us) water on the bedside table! Apparently sparkling or still water is the standard, so both were there. Loved the bottle opener with it. We felt pretty fancy!

So there’s the hotel! A 2-minute walk from Brussels’ famous Grand Place, we couldn’t have asked for a better location to stay in the city. We were truly in the center of it all and were able to walk everywhere (except of course to/from the train station to catch the Eurostar)!

It was a very short stay, but we were very pleased with our experience at Hotel Amigo! The staff were friendly and eager to help with questions or issues that arose (i.e. Wi-Fi not connecting, but don’t worry, it was fixed.. and upgraded for free)!

If you find yourself in Brussels, this is definitely the place to stay!